Sunday, May 21, 2006

PMS, chaste tree, namaste

“We are here to be a forgiveness door through which peace enters” -Patanjali

“Our intellect tells us we are separate, out deepest nature knows no such thing” from Namaste, a great weekend early morning yoga show. It’s on city tv sat & sun @ 6:30 am. I would love the dvd’s.. too bad mothers day has just passed!

Great episode – spring wind series – beautiful hand movements.. and just did the Tibetian rites for 1st time, interesting, very yoga.. was funny spinning, 1st movement, felt like a kid!

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad has Alzheimer’s. I called him yesterday cause I knew I had to work all day today. But I had been thinking of him & my Mom all day & when I got home I called right away. Was so glad I did, my mom said she was having a sad day.. and this isn’t like her, she is one of the most Up people I know, she’s been on this constant high – not drug high, life high – ever since going raw. But today it got to her that Dad didn’t know who she was. That’s gotta be strange! Mom & Dad always seemed like the most in love couple I knew. I’m sure they have had their moments but I always remember them walking hand in hand every night around the lake, (Jones Lake, Moncton, NB – their house is facing it, I lived there from grade 1 till I moved away) and they just really enjoyed being together. In fact, although divorce rates are high and it seems most couples don’t make it, I have been surrounded by many, many long term (20 yr.+) marriages and relationships in which the couple are or seem totally happy together. It’s very inspiring. But back to the story… I was surprised when I spoke to Dad, as soon as he heard my voice he asked if I was in Moncton or where I was? No, I’m still in To. He said I’ll have to come back soon so we can all be together and asked me to write a letter. The phone really confuses him usually but this was a surprisingly coherent call. You never know with him what he’ll remember and when. & then I had a great talk to Mom.. as always ; )

PMS! Not that it’s really so much of a problem anymore; symptoms go down dramatically eating raw.. but I still felt it coming and still felt a sadness. It’s hard to explain how it used to affect me (pre-raw).. I used to think of it as feeling like I am drowning in 2” of water.. almost hard to breathe, and just an overlying sadness, feeling the human condition, wanting to cry. I know it’s much worse for many women. & like I said, it’s not really that bad now, but maybe compounded with life situation stuff, I felt really sad & down yesterday morning.. remembered my favorite PMS remedy took it.. 1st time I remembered it in quite awhile.

This is amazing, if there are any PMS sufferers out there who get this info.. run, do not walk, run! to your local health food store & buy a bottle of Chaste tree berry, its an herb and its amazing. Much more popular in Europe, not many people seem to know about it here.. but it worked wonders for me. I could actually feel it working, the PMS feelings going away. Hours later I forgot I even had any symptoms earlier at all.

It regulates hormones. It is said to help with bloating, cramps & headaches during the menstrual cycle also, if you have problems with these, as well as irritability and mood swings. It is also claimed to help with hot flashes and menopause symptoms.

pic from
Keuschbaum (Chaste Berry Tree, Vitex agnus-castus)

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