Friday, May 05, 2006

kids electric guava jelly juice

The more we know.. the more we realize that we don’t know.

I often enjoy the beginning works of artists & musicians more than their advanced works.. not always, but sometimes academia & knowledge step in & replace an intuitive approach. Ideally there can be learning & a strong connection kept to the inner child.. staying close to Source. It happens, sometimes.

255 On the dreamway, good luck is given to the benders of human minds.

Subject: raw elektrik guava jelly juice

Op -Ti -Mum Keikard !
Bonus of early upspringing today was h lavender gold sun
haze that turned into a chromantic guava orangebutred sunrise RIGHT on
OUR STREET it was royal!
Hope you are ekwwally enchanted in celebration
evn if pewter encases th day
it began in guavish glory
All glo awarded & 4warded on up 2U

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