Thursday, May 18, 2006

air car, Epic Dewfall


Chek this out! The Air Car. It’s run by compressed air. How beautiful is that!
Guy Negre, the inventor from France, is the creator of this car. I want to go take a test drive right now!!

To always love simplicity,
and believe it must exist.
To finally make a painting thus,
and arm its small with bliss.

A painting shall always have magic wings,
but will fly forever between two things.
It will rest upon the rocks it knows,
but will oft as thought fly far as close.

This is a poem by Epic Dewfall - Amateur Artist Poet from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I was quite fascinated by his site a couple years ago – I was going to OCAD taking painting classes and I was very into lucid dreaming at this time, And on top of this - I take quite an interest in eccentric, creative, free-thinking people, so Naturally I quite enjoyed this. Epic sees paintings in his lucid dreams and when he wakes up makes pastel pictures of them.

There are 445 on the site, all are 12”x18”. You can see some by going here:

& his faq with lots of info about his art & lucid dreaming here:

pic by Epic Dewfall from his site

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