Monday, May 22, 2006

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Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. -Anne Frank

I remembered some of my dream from last night when I woke up.. not as much as I used to. I used to be so into my dreams, used to write down pages of things that I dreamt every morning when I woke up, I have books of dream journals.. was very fascinated by them.. still am, just haven’t been taking the time to write them down lately. Maybe cause I am usually rushing to get to my yoga tv show.. I often wake up 10-15 min before, just enough time to get my body moving a bit before getting into it. In my dream last night everything seemed 2-fold. On one side I was sitting with some friends, one couch , a couple chairs.. next door there was an older lady arranging couches and chairs in a labyrinth fashion all over the place, getting ready for something.
Then in another part of the dream we had a Christmas tree, big & full.. and next door they had a very sparse tree.. and although there was very little to the tree it was decorated quite beautifully between the branches and a picture frame type thing was hung in front of it to draw attention to & emphasize the middle part. ..and ten there was this part with Jim driving around looking for someone, I remembered that. Pete Batushin was in it and a few other guys.

When Jim woke up he told me about his dream, which also had Pete in it. I am always interested when I and someone close to me dream the same thing. It happens quite often. I used to notice it a lot because I would remember so many dreams.. sometimes I was waking up & trying to keep 6 or 7 dreams in my head till I got them all written down.. we dream a lot, so the odds of 2 people remembering the same dreams are slim.. but I think it happens. I am convinced that we leave our bodies at night when we dream.. our spirits and we all get together and hang out & do things like what we do in the day, only we have different rules and can do different things.. because its our spirits, not our physical bodies.. so we can float through walls, be anywhere, stuff like that.

A few examples: one time I dreamt I was waiting for Jim at this restaurant or place with a big table and all his family were there, even his Dad, who had recently died, and Margie, his step-mom.. & they kept sending out courses of food & I was waiting for Jim & saving him food & wondering where he was and when Jim woke he told me about how he couldn’t get to this restaurant where his family was getting together, even his Dad & everyone..

Then there was a dream where I was in school & in the morning my mom was telling me her dream about being a teacher in this class.. and there were some things that were the same in the room in both of our dreams. I didn’t see the teacher in mine.. but if I did it would have been my mom.. anyway.. so many dreams like this.

Dreams really fascinate me. I have had things happen in my dreams before they happen in real life also. Not as often as some people I know. I have one friend and it happens to her all the time. I think that is really cool!

From The Promise of a New Day – May 21:
Faults, when they are closely examined, often turn out to be the other end of virtues. Carelessness in one situation might be generosity in another.; secretiveness might turn out to be an extension of tact. In most of us, positive and negative attributes are related to one another like positive and negative photographic prints. The way we see the image depends on the situation and the light.”

"The bird of paradise alights only on the hand that does not grasp."

"We are the ocean -- vast, deep, powerful and rich. Nourishing and nurturing. Dive down into the dark stillness of being. Sense the rising and falling of surface thoughts and emotions, sometimes gentle, sometimes violent. Always shifting. Always in motion. Draw back and watch the waves of your life at play. Know you are the unfathomable depths -- surface agitations can’t disturb you. Know that you are bigger than the little things that aggravate you." – John Barry

That is maybe the best description of life that I've heard...... all those emotions and feelings ... the wide, up and down range we experience all the time.... like a deep mysterious ocean.... sometimes turbulent.... sometimes gently flowing... very beautiful... very powerful..... always reflecting it's surroundings.... so like us. – My Mom (Joan Gregory)

The Daily Raw Inspiration - 5/21/06 An Open Doorway

For some reason it is harder to get back on the 100% raw diet once you’ve fallen off the wagon! At least it was for me. It took me two years!! I think if you really want it, a door will open. I think the path to that door would be different for each person. For me it happened after I had my third child and the labor was really hard. I realized that the easy birth of my second child had been because of the raw diet, and something in me just suddenly really believed that the raw vegan diet was the right diet for humankind. I just knew it on a really deep unquestionable level. And so after two years of having tried unsuccessfully I was suddenly able to go back to a 100% raw vegan diet instantly. Sometimes the doorway will be a sickness, hitting a rock bottom depression, or sometimes it will be a beautiful insight that comes to you. For instance once I was really seeking to be more spiritual, and I suddenly saw the light in fruit, literally, like how light shines through it, and it glistens, and I realized that I could become lighter by eating lighter. Fruit literally brings light in to your body. So for me it often happens through insights like that. But it might be something else entirely that leads you to a doorway - a person, a book, a thought, a feeling, a desire. I think the key is to really want it, to believe that you’ll be given a way, and to recognize that opening when it comes, and then of course not to miss the opportunity when that opening comes but to seize it and then hold onto it!

With Hope,

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