Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My diet

People often ask me what I eat.. so I wrote it down a couple days ago:

AM – I always make juice for the kids before they go to school.. so I had a glass of oj/pineapple/apple to start. (If I was going to the gym, I would have probably mixed 1/3 glass with spirulina 1st & then drank the rest plain after)
- green smoothie – w/ beet leaves, romaine, banana, apple, grape, mango
Lunch – 2 mangoes
Mid afternoon – green smoothie – beet leaves, mango, banana, pear
Dinner – green juice – beet leaves, carrot, celery
- Storm’s tabouli – cilantro, parsley, tomato, green onions, avocado, ground almonds w/ lemon, honey, olive oil (am addicted to this lately, from
Beet Salad – grated beets, apples, celery w/ dressing

So, that was it.. I know I ate a lot of beet stuff, which is kind of rare.. but I do eat a lot of green vegetables. Another average day might go something like this:

AM – orange/ pineapple juice
Manna bread (carrot raisin) with almond butter or granola w/ almond milk or cut up fruit & a handful of spicy nuts.
Lunch – Green smoothie – spinach, parsley, banana, pineapple, apple, pear
Then a salad or cut up veggies & hummus
Afternoon – Chocolate smoothie – cacao powder, honey, tahini, banana & water blended
Dinner – green juice – romaine, spinach, carrot, celery
- zucchini pasta w tomato sauce, or a big salad
- date square (I just made them : )

That’s roughly it. I often start or end the day with an E3live shot – it’s a blue-green algae. & I include some superfoods and supplements occasionally: spirulina, chlorella, E3Live,
bee pollen, maca, cacao, Natures 1st food green powder w/ algaes, probiotics & enzymes, Host Defense – a combo of 17 mushrooms. Oh, & I chop up garlic sometimes lately & chase a spoonful of it with water & honey on another spoon. I am being extra careful not to get sick until this virus season is over.

I bought a box of persimmons this afternoon & ate lots of them today. I brought a few over to Dawns this afternoon, she had her daycare kids all colouring outside, they’re my pals, I see them every morning, but today when I was at the gate leaving & saying bye I felt like one of those guests on a kids show.. cause I just went for 15 minutes to share persimmons with them, which they had never had. Kids are the best. : ) !

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