Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tachyon energy and my tachyon-chocolate cleanse

I have labeled my cleanse as the Tachyon cleanse.. because I am supposed to get my tachyon crystal tonight and I am really excited about getting it. I have been waiting for the perfect one to show up and I haven’t seen it yet.. but I’m really, really happy that I am getting one, hopefully tonight! (more on tachyon below)

So, yesterday I did quite well on my cleanse except for in the afternoon Michael, who had been promising me a raw chocolate cake, made one & brought it over.. it was really exciting. & beautiful.. and big.. and pure raw chocolate, the real stuff, with some agave and dried cranberries and cinnamon sprinkled on top. So during the day I had lots of my lemon drink (master cleanse lemonade), 2 green smoothies – one at breakfast , one at dinner, a wheatgrass shot, and lots of E3Live ..and chocolate cake. I think because I was eating such cleansing foods, and not many, the E3Live and chocolate gave me this buzzing, but really cool natural high. Just a word of warning to anyone attempting this at home.. I was up a few times in the night. I was in this amazing bliss state so I can’t say it was a bad thing but I was totally energized.. and the feeling is bound to continue because in the night I remembered there was no E3Live defrosted here & left the bottle on the counter thinking it would only be a bit defrosted. I should have known better.. but, maybe my subconscious was telling me something. Most of the bottle is defrosted. I just had a few ounces.. it’s such great stuff. : )

So I had this thought in the middle of the night.. Its a big day today, the tachyon coming and David Wolfe is talking tonight. The event was supposed to be at work – 720 Bathurst, but it got too big and they have moved it to the Hari Krishna Temple at Avenue & Dupont. I love David Wolfe, he is very dynamic, and passionate and motivational.. he inspires people and I love people who do and are all that.. but my thought was how it is not really necessary for me to see him because on a deep level (get ready for this one) I am him.. and I am Steve, and Milosh and my mom, and everyone. I am everyone and everything. ..and when you get into that space you can feel it all. One thing I was lying in bed thinking about and realizing that I wasn’t feeling is people who are depressed and sad.. and I have before and I think it’s just another frequency to get into if you wanted to.. and it just wasn’t where I was last night. So, that’s my thought for the day.

I worked late last night.. we were making raw bread-pizza crust for tonight. ..and we got a call and there is likely going to be an after show party at work.. so there is so much still to do for tonight – the show - we are making and selling salads and sandwiches.. and then the party after.. we need lots of fruit – durians, candles etc. : )

info on Tachyon energy from

Tachyon Energy

According to quantum physics, the material universe is nothing more than a very dense form of energy. Everything that exists in this universe, from the most subtle, refined realms of energetic structures, to the grossest, densest realms of matter, is aligned in an energy continuum. Energy flows constantly from these highly refined subtle realms-starting from the causal or super causal world as it is referred to in Yoga teachings and moving down through the astral, etheric, electromagnetic levels and finally into the material realm of existence.

Everything that exists on Earth exists within is own Energetic Continuum, our bodies being a perfect example. In addition to the material, physical body that we perceive with our senses, we have several other layers of energetic bodies. Through all these layers of energy, an Energetic Continuum flows from the highest, most refined subtle bodies down to the material body. The energy flowing through the Energetic Continuum comes from one source. In India, it is called the Divine Mother. Christianity calls it the Holy Spirit, and in many modern, New Age spiritual teachings it is called Cosmic Energy. Modern physics calls it Zero-Point Energy or Free Energy.

At this point, it is important to understand that Zero-Point Energy should not be confused with a particular form of energy, such as etheric or astral energy. Zero-Point Energy is formless. It is the source of everything. All realms of the subtle energies are just parts of the Energetic Continuum.

Tachyon Energy is the very first energetic structure that emerges out of non-structured, formless Zero-Point Energy. Just like Zero-Point Energy, Tachyon is not limited to a certain frequency. Tachyon cannot be measured in the Hertzian frequency spectrum. It is not a certain type of energy. Rather, it includes all energies within itself. Its qualities are much like Zero-Point Energy, varying only in that it is a structured field.

In itself, Tachyon Energy has stored all the potential needed to create a perfect Energetic Continuum in every individualized form of life. Everything that transpires in the human body, for example, is already encoded within Tachyon Energy in perfect form. An excellent example of this is seen in the animal kingdom, where it has been observed that animals not influenced in any way by human beings live completely healthy lives.
For example, mammals have a life span that is up to seven times their growth period. For a human being, that would mean 140 years of perfectly healthy life. Of the 40,000 chronic and degenerative diseases known in human medicine, only a few are known to exist in wild animals! This is because wild animals do not have the ability to block the Energetic Continuum.

In Nature we find perfection and such is the character of Tachyon Energy. The information that Tachyon Energy contains is inherently perfect. The only thing we need for achieving health and balance in our lives is a freely flowing Energetic Continuum.

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