Thursday, November 02, 2006

sungazing, Mom & Dad, transitions and Saturn

I got up this morning and looked out the patio windows.. still no sun, it was out but below the horizon line of the houses around me.. houses are packed tightly together in this area, upper beaches.

So, the urge struck me & I drove down to the beach.. I parked and walked down the wooden staircase and there it was. It was such a beautiful sun, just above the water. I took off my shoes and socks and stood in this little patch of sand that I found - the beach is mostly made up of small round rocks.

I stared at the sun for longer than I planned. I counted to 100 slowly.. it was easier with it being such an early sun. My eyes didn’t get teary or anything like they did the first few days I started sungazing.

HRM said on his DVD that I bought, that the UV is 0 for the 1st hour and the last hour of the day.. everyday, everywhere in the world. He really recommends sun gazing at this time. My feet didn’t feel cold either after I started, it was a little chilly.. warm sand would definitely have been better. But this was refreshing, kind of, but not quite as bad as springtime swimming.

That was such a great thing to do.. it’s amazing how sun gazing energizes you. HRM was saying at his lecture to sun gaze for 15 minutes a day, after you’ve worked yourself up to that length of time. Or you can energize your body by walking on the earth for 45 minutes. Grass is different, it will draw energy from your body.. walk right on the earth. and sand is best because it gets all of your foot touching it, including the arch. Unless you have flat feet, if you walk on hard earth some of the middle part of your body won’t get energized.

I read on another website that once you get up to sungazing 45 minutes a day then you don’t have to sun gaze anymore for the rest of your life -that we are like a solar battery and are fully charged by that time.

Ah, I have so much more to say but I have run out of time.. I mixed everything up this morning to get the sun gazing in. It was worth it.

I need to send much love and hugs out to my Mom this morning. We talked last night & very briefly this morning.. and I will call you tonight. But I want you to know that my love and thoughts are with you and sending warm positive radiating energy to you. Be very nice to yourself and treat yourself well.. I know you are busy today.. but if you can take a few moments every now & then to appreciate the abundance, see nature, breathe deep.. relax. or just cancel everything and go meditate and then take a luxurious bubblebath in the middle of the afternoon if you want to.

My Dad has Alzheimers and went into a home yesterday afternoon. This can be a hard transition, they’ve been together for around 50 years.

Mom, I love you and know how much you have done and cared and I am sending you big warm thought hugs all day! xox

I am having so many mercury retrograde moments lately. I keep putting up my pic & it says its there.. but it's not. There should be about 6 butterflies posted here by now. I think Saturn is the reason that Mercury is so strong this time.. saturn is opposing right now and making this mercury retrograde really intense.. or so I hear. Hold On. !!!
(ps. pm note - pic's uploaded now : )

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