Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Raw sensitivity and Butterscotch Balls

Raw foods make us more sensitive, which is good.. and yet hard.
They make us more sensitive physically, emotionally and spiritually. More sensitive to the pain of our planet. more in tune. More depth of feeling ..more love, more joy, more sadness. This also makes us more conscientious, more aware and therefore more concerned about making a difference. Awareness is the greatest agent for change.

Most people don’t think about what they eat. They block it out. It’s like a catch 22. Conventional – modern - processed, foods make you feel dull, drained, lethargic. Your body goes onto automatic pilot and you don’t really think about what you are eating, making unconscious decisions usually led by conventional SAD (standard American Diet) addictions which again leave you dull, unconscious and unconscientious.

I went to Erika Wolff’s Holiday Raw workshop last night. My favorite recipe was the dessert, of course. ; )
It’s from Frederic Patenaude’s Sunfood Cuisine

Stellar Hemp Butterscotch Balls

20 honey dates, pitted
1c powdered cashews
2-3T vanilla
3T coconut butter
½ c hemp seeds
pinch Celtic salt

Place dates, vanilla and salt in processor and mix thoroughly to a paste. Blend int he cashew powder and the coconut butter (liquid). Roll into small, 1” round balls and cover with hemp seeds. Place in the freezer until ready to serve. Absolutely decadent.

I was up so early, drove Kaiya & her freind to volleyball tryouts.. now home with lots of time for sungazing.. but no sun! It has been hiding for almost a week now.. I think it's due to make a reappearance soon.
I miss you, sun!

& Milosh & Johnny are off at 7:05 this am.. something about the planets being perfectly aligned at that time. Off to Nelson, BC. Wishing you a wonderful trip. Enjoy the sandwiches! : ) Good energy!

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