Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mercury, games, raw gourmet and 2 salads

Interesting article on Mercury eclipsing the sun:
There is also more on mercury retrograde here as well as how this powerful alignment happening in the sky is affecting each sign individually.

Time-wasting fun – 3 Monkeys game - I got to 100 & then it said game over!
and Mr Picasso Head:
: )

Exotica Gourmet – make sure to check out the gallery also ..Mmmm!:

& this site is just being built.. but posting so I remember to go back & check it out later:

I made 2 salads last night that I want to post. They were both really good & easy.

1st - Asian Radish Appetizer Salad.. named this cause the lady at the asian market told me that in Korea they use these types of radishes (long 7-8” and 1 ½ “ in diameter, white) as an appetizer. They grate them and add sugar and vinegar.. so that’s pretty much what this is:
! asian radish, grated
3T apple cider vinegar
2T honey
Salt and cayenne to taste
All mixed together in a bowl.

2nd - Apple Pecan Salad
1 bunch spinach, chopped up
1 c sunflower sprouts
¾ c pecans, soaked
½ c pumpkin seeds, soaked
1 gr onion, chopped
½ c raisins
1 apple, peeled and chopped

2T almond butter
½ lemon juiced
2T maple syrup
Salt & cayenne

And now I am off to make more sweet stuff. My own birthday cake – which is not until Wed. but I will refrigerate or freeze it or something. Jim just came in with 5 coconuts for me to experiment with.. that’s my cue. I have tons of cacao and dates and almonds and honey.. and good music. ..this is going to be fun. : )

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