Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Raw Food in a Treehouse - pasta recipes, chocosol website!


a few recipes I would like to be eating in a treehouse right now. I remember mentioning these pasta recipes before but I don’t think I posted them, & just in case here they are:


Dorit's Living Pasta
This recipe is from Master Chef Dorit’s Recipes For Life to be released in 2007.

2 medium sized tomatoes (locally grown)
6-8 black sun dried, Living Tree olives, pitted then diced
Sprig of fresh oregano (or 1tsp of dried oregano)
2 tbs Living Tree Coconut Dream
1 tsp Living Tree Alive Olive Oil
1 tsp lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
Dash Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt
Dash turmeric

Method of Preparation- Using a Spirooli or Saladacco Machine, cut zucchini in long strips, resembling spaghetti. Place in a large mixing bowl. Cut tomatoes in quarters, and add to bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix. Toss several times before serving in pasta bowls

Tomato Sauce
This is so easy to make, it’s just off the top of my head right now.. way easier than grandma’s cooked version!

4-5 tomatoes
½-1c sun-dried tomatoes
1-2 cloves garlic
½ onion
½ red pepper
½ -1 chili or jalapeno
2T olive oil
fresh or dried oregano & basil and any other spices you like.. I put in a bit of onion powder and celery salt last time, my grandma used to put that in her cooked version.
Celtic or Himalayan salt & cayenne.

Put all ingredients in the K-tec blender and puree. It takes minutes to make this.. incredibly quick!
Spiralize zucchini in your Benreiner spiralizer and voila! Pasta!
I posted the link to the benreiner gadget previously. I got it at The Cook’s Place, a great kitchen store a block east of The Big Carrot, Danforth & Pape area. They also prdered one for me from a kitchen store in the beaches before.. forget the name. This gadget is totally worthy of the time it takes to find it. : )

What else in the tree house? An amazing salad! Steve and Amber made an awesome one at work last night.. it had lots of sprouts – sunflower, pea green sprouts, he made an oil & vinegar dressing a bit of agave, dash shoyu & cayenne I think.. & an avocado chopped up & I mentioned to wet some nori sheets and cut those up.. It worked really well with it. Amber was really into the nori in it.. we figured there was something in it that she really needed. : )

& dessert - lots of chocolate! .. make raw cookies to bring. ..or get lots of raw cranberry chocolate from chocosol. It’s amazingly good!

OMG! Just remembered to check this out. Michael told me they finally have a website up.. and here it is! Finally.. ok, leaving for work in a few minutes and I so have to check this out!
exciting : )

Nice! ..from their website:

ca•cao means God’s Food in Mayan.
choc•o•late comes from the Nahuatl words Xocol meaning bitter and Atl meaning water.

The Aztecs credited the god Quetzlcoatl, with introducing the cacao bean to them. The cacao drink, Xoxolatl, was a sacred drink for royalty, priests, and warriors. The belief is that cacao seeds were brought from Paradise, and when the fruit of the cacao tree is eaten, we gain wisdom and power.

By the 1400s, the Aztecs and Mayans were using the cacao beans as a form of currency. The cacao bean went to Spain in the 16th century, eventually getting into the hands of Switzerland where the first chocolate bar was made in 1819.

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