Friday, November 24, 2006

Blue crystal, sacred heart, simply raw, ftpf, super goji girl and her mom and sacred hearts

This is going to be fairly short as I woke up a bit late, which is good as I am going on about 3 hours sleep. David Wolfe’s talk last night ran late and then the after-party...

The one thing I am a bit sorry about, but not really because everything happens for a reason… is that I felt sort of distracted during the talk and I know I missed a lot of information. That’s too bad because I know David knows a lot! At the same time I know that that is just not like me.. I’m usually in the front row taking notes and absorbing it all.. so I figure there was a different purpose for me. making lots and lots of raw sandwiches for everyone. : )
..and maybe it was the tachyon crystal. I got it, I love it, it’s blue. It’s Blue! Ykw this means though? That I need a new wardrobe! I don’t have many blue clothes. Lol

The one thing that I felt best about last night was seeing all these people together that I often see at work and all their sparkly raw food eyes. It’s so awesome to be amidst a group of these people.. it is just such a positive, uplifting experience. All these people working on themselves, working on the planet, spreading glowing energy. I appreciate you all so much!

To Google: Bang airlines, raw canvass.

Websites to check out: – Natasha, from Ottawa came in yesterday. She holds monthly raw potlucks. She says they usually have from 80 – 120 people coming each month! That’s so awesome. – The fruit tree planting organization. David talked about this.
I met super goji girl at the after party. She gave me her mom’s website 1st:
And her website, which I can’t get into.. but she said it’s just being built, so I will try later She says it’s about being a superbeing. I just googled and this is her:
She is David’s friend, came up with him.

I remember David saying that Montezuma drank 50 cacao drinks a day. Cacao is so major.. The cacao bean comes in every color! The cacao fruit is in season all year round, it is never out of season. ..that tells you something right there.

We shared one of David’s Sacred hearts and some of the birthday cake that Michael made. I preferred my cake.. although it’s a lot more raw & pure, not nearly as processed as David’s heart. The heart was delicious.. and I am sure most people would definitely prefer it. But not much could compare to my cake for me.. such pure delicious ingredients and so much love and energy in it. Thank you! : ) My heart radiates with so much love and appreciation. Have a radiant and beautiful day.. Have the best day ever!

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