Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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I am on a pseudo-cleanse liquid diet, which I am just making up as I go along. I was inspired by my mom who has just finished doing a 5 day green cleanse. This is done by going 5 days drinking mainly green smoothies and other than that just a few fruits and vegetables, but no nuts, seeds, oils etc. I think that’s roughly it. Then on Saturday Marie at work told me she was going on a liquid diet on Monday. Her plan is to go monday this week, Mon & Tues next week, Mon, Tues & Wed the following week.. etc up until the whole week and then gradually reduce it one day at a time.

So Monday I decided to join Marie for the day and I packed a few lemons, some maple syrup.. we have cayenne at work. was thinking of the Master Cleanse. My mom & I did the master cleanse for 10 days just before we went raw and I thought it was a great way to fast.. had lots of energy the whole time.

So Monday I had a few green smoothies, a few cups of lemon juice with a bit of maple syrup & cayenne, and a tiny cup of hot chocolate that Michael brought over to me in the afternoon (hard to say no to great hospitality.. and it really was one of those espresso cups.. and isn’t real chocolate supposed to be really detoxifying? ; ) oh, and I had a couple wheatgrass and E3Live shots.

Yesterday it was pretty much the same.. but I had a lot more water and a lot more E3Live. I made a mistake and left a bottle out on Monday. I had taken it out of the freezer not long before closing and forgot to put it in the fridge.. so a few ounces were gone. So we decided to split and drink the whole thing yesterday. I had at least 4-5 ounces .. We’ll finish it today. I went to yoga class last night (which I love!) so instead of taking time to make a smoothie, which I was going to do I just drank more water. & then went into the steam room after for awhile. great detoxing. (& I skipped the chocolate)

Am feeling slightly headachy.. not too bad.. but I know there’s a few toxins getting dislodged in there.. so that’s a good thing.. But over all I am feeling so amazing that I think I will continue.

It was also cool yesterday that my new friend Eva came in & told me she was doing the Master Cleanse, on day 4 & I actually had lemons, maple syrup etc to make her a drink. That was the first time I brought maple syrup in to work. I love when life just flows and is so orchestrated and it seems to me that the cleaner, healthier and more in-tune you are the more it flows, more synchronicities happen.. life is completely orchestrated. I read a quote by Eckhart Tolle and I am trying to remember it.. it’s like life is the dancer and we are the dance. I will try to find it because the thought really works for me. It’s like its all going to happen and we just need to let ourselves go with it. ..Our highest possible good will just happen if we don’t get in the way.

Have a synchronous, flowing and beautiful day!

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