Saturday, November 25, 2006

Raw Pleasure in Australia, free raw e-book

There is a free raw recipe e-book available here. So many recipes that I want to try out & lots of inspiration, ideas and raw facts and thoughts. Loved reading the testimonials and comments from other raw foodists.

“I eat raw because it was the only solution available to a health crisis. Now that I’ve been eating raw I do so for the amazing fresh tastes of raw food, the unbelievable energy that as just started to hit me (finally!), and the peace and clarity it is giving me.” ~Miss Manda

“Why do I eat raw? Cos u feel like going for a jog after eating and not feelin sluggish and lazy with all that heavy food. The mind’s clearer. Less thought about food. Really appreciating each moment. Feelin the connection with nature and mother earth. Just feels good” ~ 21CarrotGurl

“As an older person I find that a raw food diet is the best way to ward off those aches and pains that are thought of as a natural part of the aging process. Twenty five years ago I was almost crippled by arthritis. Today I am pain free. Raw food was the best present that I gave my body.” ~ Joss

“So much has changed since going raw. I’ve seen my bodyfat drop dramatically (although interestingly my body ‘weight’) has stayed the same! I feel more alive, my eyes have gone clearer, it’s easier to feel calm, relaxed and happy. I’ve had skin problems that have been with me for years clear up, my hair stays soft with no shampoo, my stamina has gone up and.. well.. let’s just say I could go on and on but it’s enough to say that I feel extremely grateful and fortunate to have discovered this fundamental pillar to good health and fully enjoying life.

Why doesn’t everyone know this most basic of secrets that any wild animal could tell us – that food in it’s natural state = our entire body feeling GREAT!”
~Piers of Raw Pleasure

“Eat food with meaning; with life force. Food you truly want to eat that allows you to become who you truly want to be. Different food creates different thoughts. Different thoughts create different actions. Different actions create different directions. Different directions create a different destiny.

Are your food choices helping to create your true destiny? Enjoy the emotional roller coaster. You’re in the fun park of life and if you continue coasting on raw soon you’ll need to grab the oxygen mask as you fly so high…..Raw food is magic.

If you want a life of magic, this path is for you.”

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