Monday, November 13, 2006

Raw sweeteners and my birthday cake

I am going through a bit of an internal struggle these days regarding raw sweeteners.

I like the idea of being vegan.. but vegans don’t eat honey. & I like honey.

I haven’t been convinced yet that eating honey is harming the bees.. in fact I was listening to someone recently talking about the beekeeper at the market, and about how much he loves the bees.

But I know some people are really against it. I remember hearing one girl at the veggie food fair saying that she has gotten so sensitive that she can’t bring herself to eat it anymore, it makes her too sad.

I just read a response to a post on the rawfoodtoronto yahoo e-group: ‘The bees worked hard all along and have harvested the nectar and it is time for us to steal their food!” & also ‘not to mention the fact that it's regurgitated bee spit’.

So, the honey dilemma is on.

& then I read this article on agave:

The Big Debate: Is Raw Agave Syrup Really Raw?

Maple syrup is amazing but it definitely is not raw.

Thank God for dates!

My Birthday cake!

2c of almond paste-butter I had this in a bottle in my fridge. I made it last week when I was experimenting with cookies. I had soaked and then processed the almonds through my juicer with the blank screen and then blended them in the K-tec with enough water to get it blending, trying to get a smooth, creamy texture like the bottled almond butter. It still just wasn’t the same. The bottled stuff is amazing. ..but now another dilemma because I have heard that even though it says raw, it’s not really. ??? For future recipes I would try just homogenizing the almonds through the juicer (blank screen) and using that. Way too much work processing in the K-tec!
Meat from 2 mature coconuts, homogenized through juicer with blank screen
2c dates
1c cacao
– raw, ground (ChocoSol’s!)
½ c honey
½ c almond butter
1t vanilla

Dash cinnamon and salt

Blend all these ingredients together in a food processor. I had to do it in 2 batches. I have a medium sized processor, which is the most common household size. Now there is probably a better way to do this.. oiling the parchment paper might be a good idea to try but I lined a round pan with parchment paper. Spread ½ the cake batter in and then flipped it over onto a teflex sheet on a dehydrator screen. Peel away the parchment paper, smooth out with knife and then put parchment paper into pan again and make a 2nd layer with the rest of the batter on another screen. Dehydrate overnight.Icing will be easy.. have you ever mixed raw chocolate powder and honey? It is the most amazing icing. I might mix it with some almond butter and vanilla.
..and if I am off honey by then.. I’ll find an alternative.

Have a lushiously sweet and tantalizingly decadent day!

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