Thursday, November 30, 2006

random info, bits and bobs, bananas, nuts and seeds, teenage osteoporosis, raw energy, perception and communication

I have so much random information, bits and bobs, floating around in the periphery of my consciousness. I am going on a little mental detox.. right here, right now, and unloading ..sending this knowledge out into the atmosphere to get reabsorbed somewhere else.

We are like a vessels that keeps getting filled and emptied.. and the more we empty ourselves the more we get refilled. The more we give, the more we get. Laws of the universe.

I ate a banana the other day and shortly after started yawning. Marie told me it’s cause I just ate a banana.. and they contain tryptophan, the same thing that’s in turkey that makes you feel tired after you eat it (if you would eat such a thing, but ykwim) I can’t believe I am just finding this out.. I love bananas.. and that information seems so kindergarten.

Something David Wolfe was talking about stayed with me.. and I really wish I was paying better attention to get more of the information he was giving about this in particular. He was talking about eating lots of nuts and seeds on a raw food diet. How eating lots of nuts can be a bad thing, in moderation ok.. but a lot of nuts are not good for us, and not nearly as good for us as seeds are. I have heard this elsewhere and it rings true for me. He says: ‘Nuts make you nuts.’ .. & ’Seeds will give you seeds.’ They will make you more fertile. Another thing.. and this is really something I would like to know more about, that fruits are meant to be eaten with their seeds. He gave an example of an orange that has something in it which can cause some sort of fungus but the seeds contain a natural fungicide.

Monica was telling me about teenage osteoporosis, it’s getting to be a common thing. She knows a girl in her early 20’s and her doctor just told her she has the bone density of a 65 year old and that it’s from drinking all the pop she drinks. She says that it’s a really common thing these days for teenagers to have osteoporosis and a lot of it comes from drinking a lot of pop when they are young. So many people do not even realize.. I have even seen pop in baby bottles. It’s scary, the advertising and marketing agencies do amazing things with peoples heads. I think it’s really time for people to start to look beyond mass marketing.. it’s time to clue in.. We’ve been duped. They are not really telling the truth. It’s about money.. not love, not health, not truth.. money. ok, ok, I;m done.. and I was good. I was thinking of Lisa and almost started on the aspartame, Diet Coke.. which is the worse drug of all.. but I said I wouldn’t go there. ok, quick.. change of subject.

I am making cooked spaghetti sauce after this for some of my family who likes it. One day hopefully I will be able to make raw sauce for everyone.. it just might happen. I slept 4-5 hours last night.. was up late making raw chocolate cookies.. I am eating them for breakfast right now.. that’s the best thing about raw food.. totally guilt free. I could wake up at 3 in the morning and eat a bunch of cookies if I felt like it & not feel bad. Gotta love that! .. not to mention that as much it’s really good to get a full nights sleep, for optimal health, sleep lots.. but on raw you can handle less sleep much more easily I think.. still energized.

I enjoyed talking to James yesterday. lots of things.. esp about thinking things to people. Told him how I believe that we are meant to communicate this way.. we have just gotten so far away from our true nature that we are not able to do this anymore. Talking can be very limiting, transferring ideas and concepts to someone with thoughts can be so much more multidimensional and complete, yk?

& energies.. I was making buns, raw buns for the raw patties I am going to make this morning (cool!) and it was busy and he came to help me.. but after he was done I had a need to just kind of, not even reform them, more than just touch them.. and then I said I think it might be a kitchen control thing.. and then I realized I think it was actually an energy thing.. I needed to put my energy into them. I really believe that we leave energy in the things we touch and the spaces we occupy. Milosh told me after working in the kitchen one Saturday when I was off that he felt like he was me working there.. could feel the energy. James felt like he was Amber while he was wearing her sweater.

Dylan showed me something he was looking up on Wikipedia –‘plant perception’ He told me that they were saying there that plants cry out when they need to be watered.

I’m reading Anastasia, Book 1 from the Ringing Cedars series of books. The part I read on the bus was talking about how when she slowed down her heartbeat or make it fo faster, everything in nature around her corresponded.. birds chirped more, the water ran faster, etc.. She is really in sync with nature though.. this would happen more for her than for someone like us who just walks through.. she has imbued the forest, her home with her energies.

So many things.. I have lots more.. but I want time to get a bit of meditation time in. I am trying to do this more often and smaller amounts of time nd I think that might be the key to success with fitting it in.

So many things, so many topics.. I am amazed when I hear someone say they are bored. That is so symptomatic of a junk-food, depressed state of mind and body. Raw food gives you so much energy, enthusiasm, creativity etc etc.. and as David Wolfe said, you can never spend too much money on feeding yourself well.. because the more you fill yourself with health foods and superfoods, the more energy and creative you get, which leads to more money coming to you and it just goes on in this cycle.. & I truly, truly believe it.
& miracles do happen.. every day!

Have a miraculous day.. have the best day ever!

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