Monday, November 20, 2006

axiational alignment, new moon, apple sauce, goat on a pole and same name search

I went to a new moon axiational alignment appointment yesterday. These sessions are only done on the new moon. She booked appointments yesterday, today & tomorrow. This was done by Diane Young at . It balances the energy of the body. It felt like she was moving energy patterns flowing around me.. picking up some energy here & putting it there.. she said she drew sacred geometry over my body.

I liked especially that it was done on a new moon. This is a very special time of the month. It is a time for planting new seeds. Pay attention to whatever you are doing and thinking about and you will see these things developing, growing and coming to fruition over the next few weeks. A few different things have been coming up for me in the last few days and I know that whether I intend it or not.. these things will be the main things growing and being worked on in my life for this month. Life is like that. So pay particular attention to what you are thinking for these few days.. cause that’s what you will be getting more of. & Thank God Mercury retrograde is finally over.. we should all be having a much more peaceful month!

Diane has a bowl of chocolate & encourages you to have some after. Chocolate is good for grounding. Chocolate is such a good thing! : )

& apple sauce – I made the most amazing and simple recipe that I just thought up yesterday. It’s my favorite version so far! Here’s the recipe:

Apple Sauce

6 apples, peeled, quartered, cored
½ c raisins
1T lemon juice
1t cinnamon

Place 3 apples & rest of ingredients in the processor and puree. Then place the remaining 3 apples in and pulse-chop to desired consistency, texture. I like the little apple chunks in it. Enjoy!

Randy just sent me this.. it’s just too bizarre not to include : ) - Goatonapole is a metareligion–an intellectual and spiritual practice whose aim is to better understand thought systems–based on an image of a goat standing on a pole. The basic assumption underlying the practice of Goatonapole is that in the relative positions of the Goat and the Pole lies all meaning. In the Goat and the Pole we Goatonapolists see the universe, ourselves, and all things. In short, Goatonapole is the enterprise of talking about the Goat and the Pole and contemplating their relative positions. - See how many people in the US share your name. There are 839 people with the name Robin Robinson. Robbie, there are over 11,000 with Robert Robinson. We are not alone. : )

Goat on a pole photo from The image that has shown us the path to the Eternal Goat is a photograph taken by Farooq Naem in Islamabad, Pakistan. The photo was submitted to the wire service AFP on May 9, 2004. More information can be found in The Apocrypha.

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