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water fountains, EMF, earths energy, Sylvia Noble, Tesla This website has some interesting articles. I’ve been led there a few times to see things. This time it’s the Aug 15th posting at the bottom of the main page; Ibirapuera Park Fountain
"Since they were of such great interest to Father Kircher, we are always on the lookout for contemporary water fountains that he would have found pleasing.

The fountain in Ibirapuera Park, created to celebrate the 450th anniversary of Sao Paulo, strikes us as one of the most extraordinary we’ve ever seen. It spits out 61,000 liters of water each minute."

There are so many great fountains.. I remember Jim saying he wanted to make the whole wall of the warehouse we used to live in a wall fountain. The warehouse was such a great and creative spot. I was talking about it yesterday also because when the chocolate guys brought home (Toronto Sprouts) some cool found furniture: great dresser & interesting chaos chair ( we are getting an interesting eclectic thing happening) it reminded me of when Jim used to bring things home to the warehouse that he found: a banged up red car door which hung like artwork on a main wall, a martini table umbrella, which fit right in, a huge plant, whom we named Fred, etc, etc..
Marie found some Christmas decorations and strung white lights around. Erika has donated lots of great books for the bookshelves, the guys bicycle grinder and cool Mexican influence and the lighting was changed by Alan.

Alan works with energy patterns in the earth and helps create comfortable energy patterns in living environments. He is fascinating! I could have listened to him for hours. & hopefully, we are going to have him in to give a talk soon. He was checking energy emissions from our appliances/wiring. Talked about how Edison wanted DC (direct current) and Tesla wanted AC (alternating current), the war of the currents, and the Earths energy system. He measures the EMF (electrical-magnetic frequency) levels, with appliances on & off, around wiring and the plugged in these magnet & crystal things and we watched the EMF radically drop. He used a dowsing rod and found the main arteries in the earth which run through the building and we have them marked on the floor with masking tape. He describes these energy veins as like the veins in our body, how when you draw blood you have to go to the main vein (like inside the elbow) to draw blood. Similiarly, he’s going to build or put something (magnetic/cystal?) to draw the earths energy up through this spot.

I am finally going to ‘close the loop’ or ‘buckle the belt’ French analogy which slightly but not completely gets lost in translation (small tribute to Judith ; ) with mentioning how he put a few pebbles at the mouth of our fountain, where the water pours over into a lower container.. how it changes the sound of the water and the energy of it, such a small thing & making it so much more natural & harmonious. These small things affect us radically. You could feel the energy shift in your body when he changed the energy in areas.

Another thing he mentioned, it was a heavy day, dark, grey, and he mentioned that it was like an ocean over our heads. & I was thinking how it affects some people so strongly.. and it’s no wonder.. thinking of an ocean above us and how heavy water is.

Sylvia Noble – energy consultant & owner of Nature’s Elements

“From the time she was born in Newfoundland, Canada, Sylvia Noble learned and practiced natural medicine. Growing up in an isolated fishing village, Noble did not have access to traditional doctors nor medical care and found that learning how to use natural remedies was crucial. With her British mid-wife grandmother as her teacher, Noble quickly mastered the trade, and today uses her connection with nature to create healing fountains and natural gemstone remedies.

Her interest in natural medicine led Noble to study physics, advance numerology, the Kabala, yoga, I Ching and Mystic Sufism. In 1970, Noble was drawn to Europe and Asia where she sought and found her teacher at a church in Vienna. The seventh generation master fountain artisan who created water designs as a hobby quickly became her mentor. This soon became Noble’s passion, and today she creates Fountains of Well-Being in her Toronto-based store, Nature’s Elements. She also sells stones and crystals from all over the world that embrace the principles of earth’s energy.”

Sylvia Noble article:
flowing water over the sphere creates release of negative ions, which improve sleep, alertness, concentration and skin conditions.”
Breathing negative ions helps to increase relaxation and restore the body's natural balance, she said. Negative ions attach themselves to pollution particles and help to clean the air.”

More interesting info on Tesla here:

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