Monday, September 25, 2006

PEA, coconut oil & spread, Bruce Fife

PEAphenylethylamine is an alkaloid and a mono amine. It is believed to function as a neuromodulator or neutotransmitter. It is the same compound found in chocolate that put’s you in a good mood. It is sometimes called the 'Love' molecule.. – many studies have shown it to be an effective anti-depressant and effective against ADHD. It is involved with the runner’s high and also has the chemicals responsible for romantic love.

E3Live has a new product – either out or they are working on called AFA/PEA, which is a concentrated liquid blue green algae - aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), which is charged with extra phenylethylamine. AFA/PEA contains 50X more PEA than chocolate.

I have heard that PEA has psychoactive properties and something in it comparable to what is in excstasy.. but of course in a totally natural form.

From a study I am reading PEA increases attention and activity in animals and had shown to relieve depression in 60% of depressed patients. On those who responded whe recovery from depression was very fast after taking the PEA, within ½ an hour. This is huge considering over ½ the population suffers from some form of depression. Also good is that effective dosage doesn’t change and there are no side effects. It generally improves mood and also appears to work on grief, a different form of depression.

Ps. Re: re: endorphins and runners high.. it is now believed tha endorphins don’t penetrate the brain as easily as PEA and its actually the PEA which causes the euphoric mood after a work-out.

I was telling my Mom about how I had been in the bad habit lately of eating a lot late at night, just before bed.. and usually not the best food choices. I mean all my food choices are way above some peoples but I was eating my cacao concoctions loaded with lots of honey and almond butter etc & feeling kind of bloated when I woke up.. (nothing major, I mean, I’m raw & so I can eat all I want & not worry about weight or anything.. but, its mainly that heavy feeling in the morning I was getting). ..but it seemed that when I ate a coconut or something with coconut oil or my coconut spread I would wake up without this bloated feeling. I would wake up feeling amazing, with a flat stomache and energy etc. I was telling my Mom about this & she told me she was reading something similar, in a book by Bruce Fife.

This webpage has info, excerpted form articles by him:
.. tells how coconut oil is the richest source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s). & these MCT’s are what make coconut oil the only real low-calorie fat which works to melt fat off the body. They produce energy & don’t circulate around in the blood like other fats. Coconut oil & MCT’s are actually being added to sports drinks and energy bars now.

More on my incredible coconut spread from Wilderness: (w/ recipes : )

Am off.. bursting back into real life.. had this image of being a 2d character coming back to 3D. amination is playing a large role in my mind lately.. seeing people as animated characters, listening to that great background animation music (there are some really crazy albums that have been donated to our collection at work. I was really getting into a zydeco album on Fri. ..but more on music tomorrow)

Have a spectacular day!

Pic by Jeremy Blake

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[g'night] said...

this was a nice little morsel of info for me as im just getting into the raw coconut oil business along with my other raw foods.

unrelatedly, you seem to be rather well informed about goings on in the raw world, im curious if you know anything about food packaging for raw products that extends food life? I've always been curious, for example, how maya/lara bars are able to stay on shelves for so long. is there something special about their packaging and where is such packaging found?

love jordan