Thursday, September 07, 2006

travel junkie - on & off the beaten track - flavorpill

I read an interesting article in the Metro on the way to work yesterday.. about travel, Booking in Seoul – a Korean dating practice by Julia Dimon -

It was interesting enough to have me come home & check out her website:

What is a travel junkie?
Edgy, raw and always naughty, The Travel Junkie is an innovative new website and practical resource for the young and restless traveller. Featuring off-the-beaten track destinations, uncensored first-person adventures and practical travel tips, The Travel Junkie is not your typical website. From manifestos on foreign policy, to real accounts of backpacker life, to traumatic toilet tales, The Travel Junkie covers a wide range of travel-related topics.

See their ‘Cheat Sheet’ for travel guides, links and resources.

Another great ‘off the beaten track’ website is: - the alternative way to travel. - What’s new on the culture scene from NYC, L.A., San Fran, Chicago & London. (Flavorpill publishes ten email magazines, covering art, books, music, fashion, world news, and cultural events in five cities.) - includes picks for this week's cultural happenings in NYC. All selections are editorial choices, not paid advertisements. : )

btw, Em.. I found your bike! …in Seoul!!! ; )

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