Thursday, September 28, 2006

Graham mangoes, superfood smoothie, benriner veg slicer and mythical matters

So many points of interest yesterday and things to write about on my mind.. need a list to refer to: adyashanti, ayahausca, carioca, benriner website to look into, a mystical magician-illusionist and his partner, what a dynamic duo, Shadow and Storm, mystical matters: truth, respect and wonderment & inspiring experiences. September Death, the raw living foods chef in from LA and looking into transforming our kitchen into a Rawk Star cuisine experience. The best lunch with our raw bread, sunflower spread and various sprouts, they’re back, missed them so much! And carrot juice.. thats the thing with making raw bread, we get lots of carrot juice. Oh & that wonderful cacao superfood smoothie experiment with Graham.. it was so good!

Superfood Smoothiealmond milk, banana, cacao, wild blueberries, goji berries and bee pollen

& Kermie (Septembers smoothie – & hopefully not a secret or I’ll be here quickly to remove this!) OJ and water, mango or pineapple, cinnamon and kale. She says it’s incredible.

She also makes killer mint choc chip ice cream called Chip n’ Kale. : ) Fun.

& a lead on the best and sweetest mangoes in the world which are found in only one part of Jamaica and mango lovers trek to this mountain to find these elusive Graham mangoes which are found in only this one area. (– but I’ll get back on this one.. it’s written on a piece of paper at work. (Westmoreland?)

Benriner makes my vegetable slicer & I just found where it can be ordered – The "Cook Help" Japanese Vegetable Slicer/Shredder:

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