Friday, September 29, 2006

Dorit, The Sacred Art of Eating, yoga sandals, durian and recipes

Today is Dorit’s workshop @ Toronto Sprouts - The Sacred Art of Eating- a truly different experience- this workshop will leave you with a totally different perspective on food and how our relationship with food is indicative of our relationship with ourselves.
I am picking her up & we are driving down early.. so just a quick posting.
Dorit gave Marie & I both a pair yesterday, in black.. perfect. I love them! : )

Ian brought me a durian yesterday.. and Dorit said that’s exactly what she was thinking of that she would like for the presentation.. perfect again. : )

Eat when hungry, sleep when tired.” This ancient Zen saying is a simple prescription for a satisfying life. But for many people, simply eating is anything but simple. It is ironic that in a land of plenty people suffer from a disordered relationship to food.

Lots of great recipes here:

Dorits book – Celebrating our Raw Nature

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