Wednesday, September 13, 2006

iridology, acai, daily strategies and planning

I had my eyes checked, iridology done twice at the food fair. The first time I paid 20$ for a 15 minute session. ..but I had already booked the appt and as on my way there when someone I met recently told me they do iridology also & would check my eyes for free. Interestingly they both said basically the same thing.. kidneys. That was about my only concern.. to drink more water. Which is probably good advice because I really don’t drink much & kind of thought I was safer now that I’m raw.. all that pure water in the fruits.. Another interesting part of my session was in the middle of it she asked if I meditate. I told her I used to much more.. but not so much now that I’m working & she said I should do that more. Wonder how she could see that in my eyes. She told me lots of other small things..They can tell present health problems, future ones, past ones and health challenges past on through genetics.. it seems to get fairly precise. It was really interesting, I recommend giving it a try.

I had this really delicious acai drink there also & thought I would look up the acai berry.

Açai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is a small berry from the Amazon that packs amazing antioxidant power. The açai berry looks like a grape - with a tougher skin - and tastes like a chocolate covered blueberry.

Though the natives of Brazil have been devouring the açai berry for years, Americans are just discovering its antioxidant properties. Açai berries contain 10-30 times the anthocyanins (purple colored antioxidants) of red wine and are higher than pomegranates & blueberries on the ORAC value chart.

Acai pic & lots more info on acai at:

Interesting thoughts on daily planning/strategies from my e-mails:

From Robert Genn:
September 12, 2006 3:35:34 AM - In praise of days

Work doggedly, one thing after the other.
Begin work early, finish many things each day.
Work on what comes to hand, what demands attention.
Have rough plans--work them daily.
Rest from the work--look at the water.

Regarding sacrifice, early on I found that my days were notlong enough. I had to be more efficient in my use of the time allotted, and I was prepared to make sacrifices.
It was okay tocut back on the time taken socializing, commuting and eating.
One must not, I thought, sacrifice sleep, exercise, contemplation, love, family or dog activity.

"Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Letme not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow."-Mary Jean Irion

From Frederic Patenaude:

What I've found in my almost 10 years of involvement in the natural health movement is that what people really lack is a *system* and enough support for implementing their system.'

Have a Morning Routine

We are creatures of habits, so if you implement healthy habits, you will succeed. One of the first habits that should be part of your system for succeeding on the raw food diet is the morning routine.

If you have a morning routine you'll make sure that you find the times for the things that are most important to you.

Part of your morning routine should include at least 20 minutes of exercise, as it's been found that exercising before 11 a.m. gives extra benefits for health (in terms of how it regulates natural hunger during the day).

Your morning routine should also include daily, positive affirmations. Although you may have your own opinion on whether that is too "new-age" for you, affirmations work.

If you don't think positive affirmations work, try negative affirmations instead. Try saying aloud, every morning, in front of the mirror: "I choose to be lazy, incompetent, unworthy, unreliable and nasty with other people. I deserve all the crap that happens to me in my life."

How good would you feel doing that?

You see, you're already doing your own affirmations... in your head! Those are the thoughts you repeat to yourself every morning. Now I'm just talking about taking control over those thoughts and start the day with some positive energy instead.

To give you an idea of what your morning routine can look like, take a look at mine:

1. Wake up to the sound of an inspirational song (I have an alarm clock that plays a CD of my choice... most of the time I have the theme song of the movie Rocky Playing!)
2. Hydrate!
3. Pull out my iPod, cell phone and other items and prepare to go to the gym, or other exercise activities planned.
4. At gym or during my exercise I listen to audio books on my iPod.
5. Shower and dress to the shoes (even if I'm staying home).
6. Read my affirmations (in front of the mirror with my hand over my heart).
7. Review my calendar and plan my day.
8. Enjoy my breakfast!

Having a daily, morning routine will help you implement positive habits and it's one of the most important parts of a system that works.
Once you've created your own routine, you should print it and put it on your fridge, near your bed, or in another location you're likely to look at when you wake up.”

He suggests planning meals in advance – with a raw food diet, this makes sure that you don’t find yourself at the last minute hungry & not being able to think of what to prepare or running out of foods.

He also suggests a fitness planner – when you are going to the gym or exercise and what you are going to do when there.

Good Plan! : ) Have a great & most beautiful day.

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