Friday, September 15, 2006

bread and chcolate yoga

We made a huge batch of raw bread at work yesterday. Making bread is one of the best, most nurturing, down to earth things to do. Very therapeutic. The kitchen, at work and at home, as well as most east coast parties is a central gathering point. There was lots of talk and music and fun going on.

A guy who’s starting work today & was there all day with us yesterday just to hang out & be with us and help. He’s a yoga instructor also.. and we were talking about chocolate yoga. He was suggesting maybe giving yoga classes in the space. We rent out the space sometimes for various events. Yesterday there was a film crew having a catered lunch for a few hours. I scored a large fruit salad. : ) ..but back to Chocolate yoga.

He says he always starts yoga with 4-5 cacao beans, or a thick cacao-chili-agave mixture – something very small & potent, not too much to get digestion going.

He also was saying that after yoga, or any work-out, about 20 minutes later - that there is a window of opportunity where the body really absorbs foods ingested. So he often makes a superfood smoothie to have just then including spirulina or E3Live, water, cacao, gogi berries, hemp seeds, agave and celtic sea salt.

Opportunistic Superfood Drink

1t spirulina, or 1 oz E3Live
1-2 c water
1 T cacao
1 T goji berries
¼ c hemp seeds
1 T agave
Pinch of salt

Blend and enjoy!

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