Monday, September 18, 2006

Brian Clement, food additives

What a busy weekend! Worked right through it. Today I am there from 10 until probably at least 10 tonight.. but in the evening Erika Wolff will be holding her raw food workshop. So that will be really interesting.. as always : )

..but before I head out again, a few quick notes from the Brian Clement talk yesterday.

We live with much more stress each year, every five years our stress levels increase 5-7000 times.

Protein absorption requires minerals.

Mung beans are the most digestible food known to man

Fact from the China Study, by Dr Colin Campbell (our homework, if we haven’t already read this book, is to read it): consumption of casein a milk protein (a.k.a. whey) had a higher correlation with cancer than cigarette smoking does to lung cancer.

There are 80 trillion cells in the brain, 10 trillion in the rest of the body.

Eat oxygen, get skinny. That simple.

The one thing that every high performance athlete and every very intelligent person has in common is balanced hormones.

Enzymes are not only important for digestion of food but perhaps more importantly they increase the bio-electric shield which circulates around cells.

The body is electro-magnetic. We are tested electro-magnetically for diseases, problems in the body & yet treated chemically. (pharmaceutical companies have a hold on that one.)

Women contract AIDS 8-9X more than men from sex. (because the skin in the uterus is very thin)

Blue-green algae regenerates stem cells. Blue green algae was the 1st life form to ever form on Earth. Everything that ever existed in life is found within the blue green algae. A stem cell will become any cell in the body, it can turn into a liver cell or a eye cell or a toe cell, whatever is needed.

Sprouted hemp seeds, most perfect oil.. flax are good, hemp is better. Also great oils found in black raspberry seed and cranberry seed.

Over ½ of the population have some form of depression.

Goal for healing – to eat the most nutritious foods in the least digestible form.

Sprouts have 10-30X more nutrition.

Less food = more vitality

I sat on the bus yesterday with someone who I knew from awhile ago. We were talking about work & I was saying how I liked my job. He didn’t seem happy with his.. he worked in a place where they make seasonings and coatings for foods. Some of their clients are McDonalds, Kentucky fried chicken, chip companies & packaged foods, chicken nuggets etc. He was telling me that they have 1000’s of huge vats of additives. Listing all these chemical names, sodium aluminum something. yk, all those words you can barely read. He said that many of them have huge warning labels on them, that they shouldn’t come in contact skin, eyes, etc. & they are putting them in our food! & then he said, just before I got off the bus. “Hey, no one tells people they have to eat it!”

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