Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thai salads, the Fox, Noah Ben Shea, Rosh Hashana

Last night Jim & I went out for Thai food. There were actually a number of mostly raw salads to choose from, the usual mango salad, which I can always count on when at Thai restaurants.. but also they had a papaya salad, an apple-mint salad and a green vegetable curry salad – which I got & which was delicious. Jim ordered 4 other dishes, the table was loaded, way too much food.. the veg in all of the dishes were very lightly cooked.. & I had a little bit from those also. It was really good.
We went to see A Scanner Darkly, which is based on Phillip Dick’s book by the same name, which I read a few months ago. Only heard it was playing at the Fox last night. I hadn’t been to the Fox in years.. but now that I have a membership I’ll have to go more often. They get some great films in. The Fox is Toronto’s oldest movie theater.

Open for business since 1914, the Fox is the oldest continually running movie house in Toronto. Featuring some of the best alternative and mainstream films in the city, the Fox's single screen shows cult classics, foreign films and Hollywood re-runs, all in full stereo sound.

Check out movie info here:

I got an herbal tea from Starbucks just before the movie & there are sayings on the sides of their cups. The one I got had something written about appreciating nature .. and that if we appreciated nature as much as the works and deeds of people we would all be richer by far. ‘Any ancient forest, polar bear or species of snake is more complex and improbable than Wi-Fi, the Mona Lisa or landing a man on the moon. What price would you pay to keep such treasures.?’ –Jenny Daltry (herpetologist)
btw a herpetologist studies reptiles and amphibians.

Another thought from a starbucks cup author – "Do not kiss your children so they will kiss you back but so they will kiss their children, and their children’s children." -- Noah benShea, Poet, philosopher and author of Jacob the Baker, Jacob’s Journey and Remember This My Children.

His website:
And the best thought of the day from his website opening:

What inspires you?

What are you passionate about?

What is the dream inside of you?

There is no greater challenge in our lives than daring to be who we are.

There is no greater opportunity in our lives than daring to be as great as we might yet become."

Happy Rosh hashana weekend!
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