Saturday, September 23, 2006

organic conception, fish and spatula stories

I have 3 things on my mind, and yes, they include the fish and the spatula stories.

1 - is from the Erika Wolff workshop. She was talking about how people who had been trying to get pregnant for years and were unsuccessful, finally got pregnant after they went organic. This apparently is a common occurance & it makes sense. More and more people are having difficulty conceiving and I think and have heard it’s natures way of preserving the species. Nature carries on through its healthy species.. the more toxic and unhealthy people become the more difficult it will be for them to conceive.

2 - Brian Clement was talking about water and specifically how they can make water in a laboratory now, that they actually have been able to do this for years. The interesting things about this though is that when tested this man-made water is in every way completely identical to the natural water on the earth, even through those incredible powerful microscopes.. but when they put a fish in the man-made water it dies.. when put in natural water, it thrives.

3 - An article I read in the Metro on the way to work that made me almost, actually slightly laugh out loud. I have this thing about spatulas and they seem to me to be the most random thing in the world when taken out of context. Kaiya agrees. So I was reading this article in the MetroSpacewalk is successful – but astronauts worried after bolt, washer float free. The article really went on & on about this bolt & washer and how it could be a real problem if they ended up in the mechanism – they were connecting an addition onto the International Space Station. Then I read how spacewalkers have a long history of losng materials in space (& I am picturing all these things floating by) “In July, Discovery spacewalkers lost a 36–centimeter-long spatula that floated away.” lol.. Spatulas are random even(& maybe especially) in space.. imagine that being out, floating around space and then seeing this spatula floating by. : )

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