Friday, September 22, 2006

Gabrielle Shavaz, cookie & salad recipe, important websites

Interesting interview with Gabrielle Chavaz where she talks about Victoria Boutenko, green smoothies, smoothies with kefir, cake for breakfast, the raw food lifestyle, bee products, etc. -

I am having cookies for breakfast.. have to taste test the ones I dehydrated overnight. I made some almond milk to bring to work.. I think we need to do some Cacao smoothie experimentations today ; ) So the base of the cookies I made was the almond pulp left over from making the milk. I used 1 ½ c almonds.. so there was roughly 1 c pulp. All the measurements are rough estimates.. I have always cooked this way.. but one day if I put out a recipe book, I will measure just to make sure.


1 c almond pulp
1 c cacao, ground
1 c dates, chopped
3 bananas
2 t coconut oil
1 t vanilla
1 ½ c coconut, shredded

Mix together. I dehydrated in pressed balls for 2 hours on teflex at 115 degrees, then flipped onto mesh & continued drying overnight.

So now I am enjoying warm cookies while I type.

I made a salad last night, something new.. an inspiration that came. My friend who came over was amazed at how fast I put this together. I brought 2 pkgs of broccoli sprouts.. they are a little strong. So, I got a tomato, an avocado, a green onion. 2 celery stalks.. chopped them all up with the broccoli sprouts, actually 1 ½ boxes by this time.. cause I ate ½ of one of the boxes on the way home. Added some nama shoyu, squeezed lemon, a dash of salt & cayenne in the bowl & mixed.
..& then we sat out on the back porch 2 forks & the bowl & ate it all & really enjoyed it.

Hey, theres a new link to our website at work -
Bookmark that site to see upcoming events. : )

Hey! & my website.. there’s a new orange in the top-left hand corner.. always something new there also. The tabs don’t work yet.. but they will soon. Randy is working on it.. and I still have info to write for it. But it is coming & being worked on & changing all the time:

& I have a good fish story and a spatula story.. but I am out of time.. tomorrow! : )

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