Saturday, September 02, 2006

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This is such a great day. I planned on getting nothing done & it always seems to be that when I plan on doing nothing that I get the most done.

I learned how to knit last night. I remembered that Rebecca told me she would show me how, I work with her Fri eves at Seagull.. so as I had forgotten to get yarn & needles, I called The Naked Sheep on Queen and told them my dilemma.. get off at 4 downtown & have to be at work in the Beaches at 5.. & they said no prob that they would have a ball of yarn & needles ready for me to run in & grab.. told her to pick the color, either a deep pink color or khaki/avocado green, whatever she likes, lol.

So it was a great lesson lol .. except that she didn’t remember how to start it off.. and I had to ask a customer ‘excuse me, do you know how to knit?’ she did.. and she really got into teaching us.. she was on her way for a run & dropped in after, before we closed to see how we were doing. She’s going to take up knitting now again also.. think we turned a few people on into knitting by the end of the night! Rebecca says its really big right now, all the teens are getting into it, & there’s even a Vogue Knitting mag out..

My friend was over & told me he just read a story about this rock band that went on tour in China.. and how Chinas not really into rock (?).. anyway, said that the girl in the band got out her knitting & they came and asked her to stop, to put it away.. giving the musicians a bad name, only peasants knit.

I have a huge belief that energy is put into things that are made with the hands.. I know several scenarios were a girl made something for a guy & they soon after got married.. no kidding. Actually, I made my husband a guitar strap out of different textures of black leather, all hand stitched together, silver clasp thing to lengthen/shorten.. I’m looking at it right now, was right here beside me, it’s really cool (so modest) still like it as much as when I first made it. But the point is he asked me to marry him shortly after. So.. watch who you make hand made presents for! Giving hand made things to good friends is great, it’s like giving good energy to someone.. but watch about giving things to the opposite sex.. make your intentions clear.. if its platonic. : )

We listened to her new cd last night: RĂ–YKSOPP :: "THE UNDERSTANDING"
Techno pop.. It was really good. I may even go out & buy it.. nice change. I like that!

I’ve been listening to an Uruguayan artist lately, my friend for there gave me a few of his cd’s to listen to recently - Ruben Rada
fun hair, fun flash site and a little Spanish lesson to boot.
Randy is learning Flash, has some tutorials and is going to learn & experiment & get something cool happening on my site one day .. right, Randy? ; )

Speaking of Spanish I just spoke to Pete & we’re planning a trip to Playa (del Carmin) for tomorrow.. j/k. ..maybe mid-Jan, to celebrate Lesia’s citizenship.. still have to talk to Jim about it. Oh, that might interfere with the trip to LA in mid Jan.. hmmm.. O well, will get it all figured out.. it’ll probably just plan itself, it usually does.

I’m off track.. music. Wanted to mention all the 70’s music I’ve been listening to. We got the turntable set up at work. Wed am.. I am walking by & hear the bass booming out through the windows.. whats going on.. 11 am party? Unlock the door & music blares out.. Maries down there playing music & dancing.. what a fun place. : )
She has all these 70’s greatest hits cd’s also.. like 8 lp’s.. it so reminded me of the night at home when we were all sitting around here & there was this infomercial on with Greg Brady (Brady Bunch) playing & selling a 70’s music of cd collection.. it was about half an hour long.. watched the whole thing, most of us were doing something else.. but it was pretty fun to listen to. & I’m generally not a big fan of relistening to stuff that I have listened to a hundred times before. Q107 can drive me crazy sometimes.. sometimes I’m forced to listen to it. Well, forced is a harsh word.. I usually just put up with it and don’t say anything cause I know I’ll be out of the environment soon enough. (usually a car ride)
& remember good is bad, bad is good, right?
I’m somewhat type babbling & if you’re reading all this I somewhat apologize. Lol
Hey, your choice.

It smells amazingly good here.. am making cookies. Raw cookies.. decided to make something with the almond pulp left over from the almond milk I made this morning. I had chocolate tea, really good. I was cold.. still wearing shorts & a tank top, and it’s cool & raining out so I sat on the dryer & talked to Mom and knitted and drank chocolate tea.. it was so good. She told me all about guy who has come to Parrsboro to locate his company there – Headez Games Intl.

' "Besides, the jobs will have a bigger impact in the tiny town Parrsboro, he said."Those 1,500 jobs in Vancouver, that?s won and lost every day," Mr. Martens said. "Those 1,500 jobs in Parrsboro actually develop the entire area. That?s a benefit to our company and it?s a benefit to the people."Mr. Martens first fell in love with the town and its people 30 years ago when he was a 17-year-old in the navy stationed in Halifax along with Parrsboro native Bill Perry, who took him home at Christmas and throughout the year."I've flown all over the world and I have never forgotten Parrsboro," he said.Mr. Martens approached the town about two months ago to express his interest in bringing his business to the area.’

East coast Christmases are a very big deal! : )

I have family in Parrsboro & used to always go there for blueberry season when I was a kid. Blueberries, cookies, food.. g2g eat & take Kaiya to get a hair cut, new mouse button for Nick, back to school shopping, etc, etc.. recipes & food stories for tomorrow. later..

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