Saturday, August 01, 2009

NYC - Raw Soul

Here is it - Raw Soul. It's taken awhile - & I've been excited to post these pics. I LOVE this place! Raw Soul is uptown, in Harlem. I have seen Lillian and Eddie on the internet for many years and remember when they were having people over to their home and just starting the restaurant. So it was really exciting to go there and they were both there, meet them, connect. They were so great & they bring this really high vibe, amazing energy here!

This is Lillian above, and the cooler with lots of great desserts! (Mmm Strawberry Shortcake!)

& Eddie and I below & Eddie and Lillian

so, First we ordered the Jicama Leek Soup. It was amazing.. one of the best raw soups I have had! & while I love Jicama in some things, I have never used it in a soup.. and never imagined it would be this good! ..but the energy in this place is so high, you can taste it - everything tastes good, and you just know it's all about vibration-intention-something real, but unseen!

We really wanted to try the Rejuvelac and they didn't sell it by the glass, only the gallon - so, 2 gallons please & 2 glasses. We ordered one regular and one with Mint and Lime.

..and we shared the mint & lime with other people there.. and brought the regular back to drink in the hotel. It was really quite delicious, we both really enjoyed it.

ok, Eddie has something new going on. He has discovered how to make muffins. I mean really good muffins, not exactly like cooked muffins.. but even better in a way, a bit denser but so delicious. His Banana Oat Muffins are the first dehydrated raw muffin-type thing that I have really liked. He's onto something big! We can really use this in the raw food world. & I have to admit he has me really inspired. : ) Also pictured and also good Corn Muffins and Flax Bread.

& these were totally heavenly. I would be snacking on these every day if I lived close-by or knew how to make them! Apricot Drop Biscuits - sooo goood! The topping is complete sweet lusciousness on top of an amazing biscuit (muffin-like) base. ..and yes, I am a little obsessed.

The Enchilada... delicious. & I especially enjoyed the very spicy topping. It's so nice to enjoy spice and amazing flavours with raw foods.. This is something the raw food world needs - and is getting!

The Lasagna. I was thinking Tom may not like this as much because he's not into heavy foods, esp heavy nut-based and this looked heavy. but he loved it & of course, I did also. But I also knew there was something powerful going on with this food - the energy. Most raw food creations have a great energy because there is the time and love and energy put into it. & this food is extra special!

At this point we went for a walk around Harlem. This was Day 2. I had blisters we were cabbing more today but we went for a walk around Harlem for awhile ..met some interesting people and put in a bit of time to try to get hungry again , so we could go back and enjoy more food!!

1-2 hours later.. and maybe not quite as hungry as we would like to be. But still we ordered 4 of their side dishes: Marinated Greens, Pilaf, Chile and Sauerkraut. (I hope I got that right) Great flavours and spices!

I got to take a peek in their kitchen, and a couple behind the scenes pics. Lots of knives!

Great kitchen. Thanks Eddie & Lillian! xo

& we left with 2 bottles of their Sorrel Punch and Ginger Beer. Both great.. I especially loved the Ginger Beer!
Oh, and I also left with a tooth powder, Uncle Harrys (which have been wanting to try) It is as good as I've heard - makes my teeth really shiny! ..and a sisal bath glove which is truly amazing. They only carry a few products, Lillian told me they are ones she uses herself and loves. & now I am loving too - they are wonderful!! xo, Much Love to you both for creating such a wonderful space and such healing and empowering foods. Peace & Big Hugs!


malilies said...

I need to go back to NYC!! This place looks awesome :)!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

It Is! You will love it!!
xo : ) R