Sunday, August 09, 2009

NYC - Rawstar

We arrived in Brooklyn Sunday morning and we had 2 raw restaurants we wanted to check out: Rawstar and Rockin' Raw. We tried Rawstar first but it was closed.. I think it was almost noon - there were no hours posted and we couldn't find the hours on the internet. We had tried to call that morning and a few times prior, even from Toronto, but no answer. we knew it was a risk going, but I was really curious. And curious I will remain! We peeked inside.. the following pics are taken through the security grille against the window (hope they dont mind!) But the place looked very cool - I would have loved to try it - Raw food Jamaican style!
I heard at Rockin'Raw later that they are open most days but closed on Sunday, and maybe also Monday.?
Well, it was our last day.. our flight was that evening, so it was not to be.
But, hey we have another reason to come back! : )

I do wonder though what the food is like, very cool looking place!!

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