Sunday, August 02, 2009

NYC - A Walk Around Harlem and John Dowe's House

Almost next door to Raw Soul is this grocery store-fruiteria. I loved how they had so much fruit cut up and ready to eat. Pineapple strips on sticks, mango, cantaloupe, oranges, cherries and berries all packaged fesh and ready to eat. Fruit is so accessible here in NYC - it would be so easy to be a fruitarian here!

Around the corner and down a couple blocks I saw this patio..

..and the whole house. We met John Dowe and he invited us in to see his house close up. The whole thing was made from 4 types of sticks: matchsticks, toothpicks, popsicle sticks and umm, I'm forgetting one. ..maybe bamboo skewers. I also lost his contact info, so if you happen to read this John, you can send it. John had arthritis in his hands and he was recommended by his physician to do something using is fingers so he started making small furniture. I told him about Raw Soul around the corner! : ) Maybe Eddie & Lillian should hire me to walk around and tell people how amazing their place is. ; ) !!!

So, yes, the house is very cool. It has electricity running through it - lights that work..

..and the ceiling fan in the bottom middle room works also. A lot of detail is put into this. In the top right hand corner is the bathroom, the toilet lid flips up and down. Drawers come out, little pictures are framed.

I'm obviously just a little girl at heart - I love this kind of stuff. John has a few daughters.. but they don't get to play with the house. John has actually sold it to a man in France for a large amount, forget exactly but at least 10,000$ - & the trip to France to bring it there!

Even the foundation is cool! Hmm.. I am thinking a rooftop garden might be nice! : )

a few more pics taken here & there.. love the stone work all over New York, lots of buildings with faces and sculpture. So much beautiful detail is put into the buildings!

Schools.. housing..

Loved the detailed stained glass windows in this church..

A lot of churches around here.. and I also love how the buildings all butt up against each other. All through the city you see this.. and some very different architectural styles hooked up, with just an inch or two between them. Very beautiful city!

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