Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breathing Bliss

You are beautiful. You are joy. You are Love. You are Light. You are sad and you are wounded but you are strong and happy. You are everything and everything is You. I love you & You love you and You love me. You are Empowered.


I am Empowered
I am Strong
I am Beautiful .. Handsome

I can take on the World.

I can Inspire Others.. and Myself

I Can Change the World.

I Love the World More and More every day

I am getting Stronger and Stronger every day

I am Happier and Happier every day

I am the Happiest ever, I am in Love, I feel Bliss

I feel Bliss and Love energy exuding out from my Body reaching all the way around the world.. hugging everyone all over the world, Everywhere.

I am white light radiating

Feel the Bliss, Feel it Tingling your Skin. Surrounding you. Absorb it, Breathe it in, ..and breathe it out. Flood the world with Happiness and Joy and Sunshine. Breathe it in, Breathe it out, Forever and ever

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