Sunday, August 09, 2009

NYC - Rockin' Raw Pt 1

Here we are - I was really excited to get here - Rockin' Raw! located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on 178 North 8th Street, an easy L train (Bedford stop) ride from Manhattan. We finally got to take the metro today, Sunday, last day of our trip.
Rockin Raw is a New Orleans-Creole-Peruvian fusion. wow - Now, that's exciting!!

The New Orleans half of this amazing venture is Tere Fox, who grew up there and her husband Luis Salgado is from and makes up the Peruvian half.

& They have an amazing chef! - Diego Castro - who used to have his own restaurant, Verde Llama, in Buenos Aires!! Now that's brave - a real challenge and commitment to the raw lifestyle to try to open a raw place in Argentina! South Americans generally have a real dedication to meat!! so I was extra impressed to try the food from someone so committed and also because his influences would be so different.. this was bound to be a very unique experience.

However, because it was early afternoon on Sunday they had a brunch menu, and not their regular menu, which had many dishes I was excited to try.
ok, then.. what do we do when this sort of thing happens.. go with the flow, of course .. we decided to order brunch then go for a walk, put in an hour or so till 3 when their regular menu came out! : )
& I'm glad it worked out this way.. because what did we get to try?? but fried eggs! : ) yup, you heard right.. Diego has created a raw version of fried eggs!!

..they were greasy (or olive oily) and everything.. and in a very good way. They had a bland taste which was really kind of just like eggs! cool!

The brunch plate included Soup: Gazpacho, Salad, Cheese and Chips (.. flax crackers and Dr Cow cream cheese, spiced with peppers and seasonings) and choice of Eggs (above), Pancakes (below) or a Wrap.

We had shots of a special cold-espresso-like (without the coffee) drink. I asked for tea, and she suggested this instead - Sure! I think it had Maca, Cacao and probably Lacuma. and was very delicious!

..and we had desserts - Lacuma Cheesecake

..and the Cherry Cobbler. Gotta love raw desserts - they are not only good for you -these are amazing for you - filled with power superfoods!

..a walk through Williamsburg and then we'll be back for Rockin' Raw Pt 2!!

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