Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NYC - Rockin' Raw Pt 2

Beautiful walk.. we come back refreshed and so happy to be able to check out their regular menu. I want to try it all.. it all looks amazing, but we carefully choose.

Above are the Crab Cakes with Creamy Dill Sauce
Below are the N'awlins Rings
Both are amazing! very flavorful, very delicious! I think we chose well!!

Next we ordered 3 Entrees but we ended bringing this - the King Oyster Mushroom Po' Boy Sandwich back with us and eating it on the flight back to Toronto a few hours later.
It was amazing plane food!! Way to travel! ) & the hot sauce was great too!!
I really need to make myself an incredible hot sauce - I miss this & I Love heat!!!

We had the Louisiana Gumbo with "Sausage" and Cauliflower Rice. It was very rich and delicious with lots of vegetables. That's one thing about Rockin' Raw, they are not heavy on the nuts & I really like that! You feel full after eating their food, but not heavy. & the flavors are amazing!! but who doesn't love Creole!!??

The Tacu-Tacu - Their version of the famous Peruvian dish. Wild rice, Jicama, Walnuts, Sesame seeds and Mushrooms, Magic spices served with Plantains and Greens. very delicious, esp loved the carmelized plantains with it.. Mmm!

& for Dessert we had to try their Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae.. Raw Ice Cream is the best!!

Diego & I..

In the kitchen!

Luis and Tere..

again, cause they are a really cute couple!!

and a couple shots of their beautiful back patio!

Thank you so much!!!! xo

& this concludes the NYC Adventure - wow!! It was amazing and I'm glad I recorded it & took all those pics to share.. but I am really ready to post about present life now! .. I keep holding my tongue and my fingers on the keyboard.. Ahh, now I can set them free once more!!whew.! : ) xo.

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