Monday, August 10, 2009

NYC - Intermission - a walk around Williamsburg and free Music Fest

What a beautiful place to take a break and walk around for a few hours.. put in some time until the menu changed at Rockin' Raw and get hungry again - What a life!!! : )
Williamsburg is beautiful ..and filled with art, music and culture! Just walking down the street we find so many vendors, artists, book sellers - at one table a guy was selling books and every one looked goood, great! we bought an armload. ..lots of books being sold.. and art
& wow, what a beautiful day..
so, we walk down to the waterfront & what do we find.. they have music blasting.. not music I think my friend is going to like.. but I do (it's the stuff I listen to usually with my headphones on! ) but the vibe is soo great , he does!! & everything is good.. fantastic in fact..
the world is a beautiful place with a rap ...but now getting very eclectic, beat!

we walk down (me barefoot, of course!) , find a comfy place in the grass.. and lie back.
Look up.. watch the clouds (I'm doing a lot of that lately)

and the scene around..

beautiful location,

beautiful people,

beautiful city skyline...

Mmm.. that was amazing.. now back to Rockin' Raw!


Anonymous said...

Clouds, it should be pointed out for those who were concerned, are not actually “things” in the sense that they are discrete objects but are reaction zones where conditions cause the already and ever-present humidity in the air all around us to nucleate and condense so it’s visible. When watching a cloud one can sometimes see that it is composed of a region where it is being created out of thin air, seemingly, while being destroyed (returning to transparent vapor actually, in the trailing region.

Garry said...

I live this park!

Garry said...

oops! that was supposed to be 'love'! :^)

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Interesting Anon!! : )

Hey Garry!!! great to hear from you. I just checked out your blog, led these from the pic.. to pics of all the food you ate in Aug, I love that - it's almost all smoothies..looks a lot like my diet - well 1/2 f it.
Anyway, great to hear from you!
Looks like you are loving BC & Whistler! Maybe see you back in To one day!? at least for a visit.
: ) xo, peace