Tuesday, August 04, 2009

NYC - Raw Shops: High Vibe and Live Live

The plan on Saturday morning was to go down to places in the lower parts of NY: to go to High Vibe, which has been around for a long time, on 3rd, have breakfast-lunch at Caravan of Dreams on 6th (next post) and make our way up to the store which recently opened up on 10th- Live Live (short i on the 1st Live, long i on the 2nd Live - but I'm sure you got that!)

High Vibe was great. they had so many products, lots of snacks and packaged foods.. all of the products for highest vibe and well-being. I didn't take pictures inside but you can browse the catalog of all their products.

But I took lots at Live Live! Live Live is located right next to Quintessence. & we just happened to find it on Thurs eve, the waiter from Quintessence mentioned it to us. & it was closed..but we knew we had to come back & check it out.

Now I have an interesting story, & probably the reason why I have so many pictures on my camera of this place. I love these kinds of stories, so I will tell you.

ok, so we walk in & glance around.. great store - everything for your superhuman needs!
But then I spot a display of makeup which I have been really wanting to try! This makeup is extremely special - & I know the background of it from my friend in Toronto, Monica (who is a phenomenal raw chef! & the sister of Rosemary Swift, the creator of RMS Beauty.

Rosemary is a professional make-up artist in NYC.. one of the top artists in the country! and years ago she put up a website Beauty Truth - which was quite controversial about beauty products and the toxins and heavy metals which they are loaded with.. it was a risky thing to do given her profession. (I will post another article on the makeup later (esp. cause I am loving it!!)

..so I point & tell Tom that this is Monicas sister's line and the guy a the counter overhears me and introduces me to Rosemary who happens to be sitting there eating her lunch. It was so exciting to meet her, beacause of the makeup but esp. love meeting relatives of freinds anyway. they talk so much alike, things like that.. and we get an invite to go to her loft, around the corner from Pure (she's best friends with Sarma) and buy makeup at cost from her. She put my makeup on for me.. showed me how to do it. awesome! so fun!!
but anyway, thats why we stayed for quite awhile at the store chatting.. and why I decided to go around and take all these pics.

This is a store where true empowered superbeings shop! Check it out..

The cooler is filled with so many delicious treats - I even took close-ups! Check out all the raw chocolate bars.. they had so many! Jars of truffles on the top and more desserts below. I was a little overwhelmed at how many great raw super products are coming out - really beautiful!

more treats and desserts on this side.. and Dr Cow Cheeses. I was able to try a few at Pure.. they are amazing!

They have special little tubs of ice cream in the cooler.. We tried a chocolate one. It was delicious!

I took a walk around and clicked pics of all their display racks. All of their products are amazing!

In the center is the RMS Beauty display. Read the website - Check out the ingredients - Amazing cosmetics! I am Loving them!!


Lauren said...

How have I not heard of this place? I need to go, NOW! :) Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

On the Welcome to New York sign is a legendary graffitum : "You want it-we got it"

Paul said...

You've done a great job capturing the city that never sleeps. I, at least, think that the blisters were worth it. Pat yourself on the back.

Anonymous said...

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Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Yes Lauren this store is amazing!!! Go, now.
Yes, Anon. - Everything!!
Thanks Paul, I took so may pics tho, that I want to post.. but have so many from right now too.. Ah so many wonderful things. My feet were all better by the time I got home, last blister cleared up the morning after! lol & I now have summer-worthy feet who are getting out lots!
Let's go for a walk!!
: ) xo, R