Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This weekends Events - David Wolfe Raw in the Woods, Chocolate Brunch and Wild Walk

I am really excited.. My friend Marie asked if I felt like getting away this weekend, going up north. & I mentioned that I read David Wolfe was going to be giving a talk up north, in Living Libations land in Haliburton some time soon.. and Marie had just spoken to them.. she didnt know about the talk, but I looked it up & yes, sure enough, it's this weekend. So, We're in!! Yay! & I was esp interested in going for the Sunday morning walk.. so we are camping overnight and staying for that too!

Oh, I have been so busy for the past week or two while I was posting all the pics on NY!! I have been watching Spanish movies with English subtitles (still need those, but catching a lot more words..not sure what this strong desire is to learn Spanish, but I'm going with it) & I the recipe development going on around here has been really exciting, right down to spice blending, which really makes all the difference!! Creole, Indian, Thai, but esp Indian.. tomorrow will be Moroccan day!! I made a Ras el Hanout blend that I am really excited about, even has lilac & paradise seed.. exquisite! & another big thing around here is me getting back, in a very big way, into the superfoods! Herbs and blending concoctions and superfood treats, My cupboards are stocked - I have been going all out & just have so much more energy.. took awhile, but it's coming back.. another topic for another time.. so much to write about.. but now I'll just tell you about this weekend.. and get back to my movie! : )

The event!! :

Chocolate Brunch with David Wolfe Raw in the Woods

Happy Hour at Noon ** ElixirBar with Ron| David from 1 pm to 5 pm,

Saturday August 15, 2009

Followed by Raw, Organic Pot-Luck and the Best Swimming Ever!

Pre-registration $45 *** $50 at the Door plus GST


2. Wild Walk with David Wolfe

Sunday, August 16 from 11am to 1:00 pm

Learn to Identify Food & Medicinal Herbs in Your Own Backyard

Up-close and Personal Wild Walk with David

Sunday August 16 from 11am to 1pm | $40 Advance Tickets Only

To Register for the Event (15th) or Walk (16th) – Call: 416 920 8471 or Email:

David will also be in Orangeville at the end of the month!

David Wolfe
Sunday August 30th 7 pm - 9:30+ | $20
Sustainablity Consciouness and Raw Plant Nutrition
live reggae party with chocolate elixers and dancing afterwards
Monora Park 633220 hwy 10/24
Orangeville, ON

Mark will be hosting 2 more events in September - Sunday Sept. 13th:
A day of Health with Dr. Brian Clement. "one of the worlds leading authorities on natural health and anit-aging"
10 am - 4 pm |$140
Yoga, two green juices, a walk through the beautiful forest, a living meal with dessert a lecture from Dr. Clement and an extensive Q&A period for all your questions.
Orangeville, ON

Monday September 14th
Dr. Brian Clement
Lifeforce - Superior Health & Spirited Longevity
7 pm - 9:30 pm | $20
Barrie Southshore Community Centre - 205 Lakeshore
we are offering a living food meal beforehand at 6pm. you must have a seperate $15 meal ticket in advance.
there will be sprouts and superfoods, and books available for purchase.
there will be a book signing afterwards.
Barrie, ON

for tickets or more information on all three events contact Mark

Peace out my friendz!! xo.

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