Saturday, August 29, 2009

Experimenting in my Kitchen

I'm doing some experimenting in my kitchen - always! - but this is what I am up to this afternoon.. playing with okra gel and flax gel.. just for fun. Vegetables are so amazing. Here i have 2 bowls, one with the inside of the okra, one with the outside. Just where does all that gel come from?? & if you dehydrate it will it get crispy? Stay tuned my friends..

Cause you never know where you'll end up around here! : )

A walk around my kitchen.. guacamole for lunch..

I have 4 trays of different crackers.. different experiments. This one has Kelp flakes.. it reminds me of the sea..

Amazing produce from markets! I like taking pictures of my fresh fruits and veg, they are like fresh flowers.. so beautiful!

Always almond milk in my fridge! ..

Lots to experiment with with nut milk pulp also!

Lots of crackers..

My kitchen is fun, and it periodically goes from clean to total disruption-everything out everywhere to clean again n what seems like a flash.. I find it quite amazing sometimes.. it's like whoa this place is a disaster.. and if you walked in 5 minutes later, all spotless and organized. It's just one of those superhuman talents I have. : ) I love my kitchen!


debbiedoesraw said...

oh you have out done yourself, they all look so amazing!
wish I was there to help you taste test them all!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Yes, I wish you were too!!
: ) Nice to hear from you Deb. Hugs!