Friday, August 21, 2009

Superfood Breakfast Routine #2 - Hot Super-Mocha Drink

The #2 part of my Superfood Breakfast lately has been this incredible Super Herb, Superfood, Super powerful drink I have been making lately. This is directly inspired by David Wolfe. For years I have been making herbal teas.. but it was hearing David talking about the most powerful Chinese herbs that really got me into brewing Chuchuhuasi, Una de Gato, Pau d'Arco regularly - well, I played around with some of these before.. I have alwasy found herbs fascinating!

But it was something I heard him say recently about a coffee blender drink that really perked my ears. & he didn't even say how he did it.. but I was inspired!!

& I am not sure why, I have never been a coffee drinker. One of the few people I know who actually never, or rarely drank it. The only time in my life I got into it slightly was sometimes, once a week for my art history classes (both at NSCAD in my 20's and OCAD in my 30's) I love coffee! I love the flavor and taste.. but just never got into drinking it. I think becasue my Dad was addicted - & I have afeeling that subconsciously I decided early that I didnt want that.

But James, my partner, loves coffee.. he gave it up for over a year after we met, a few months after seeing each other he went raw & quit coffee, for over a year! .. Now, he's almost raw & back to drinking coffee sometimes.. not bad. I got him into hot chocolate also, he never liked it before! but Mayan hot chocolate is an entirely different drink from the processed stuff they sell in cans and packages - which he had tsted and is most peoples experience of hot chocolate. I was happy that he loved it from the first taste. He's good at recognizing quality & of course, it's one of my favorite things. : )

& Btw, about Chocolate, the true love of my life!! I stop eating it for periods every once in awhile.. and don't feel like I am addicted. But I love the way I feel when I do eat it!!

So lately I have been taking my love of chocolate and a bit of coffee and super powerful herbs and well, here's how the drink is made. & if you get into making these watch out:
This has very strong Energy Love Bliss Stamina Clearing Recognition and Empowering Powers = )

There are many ways to do this, you can brew a tea first.. but I am working on the easiest way.. this is what I have so far, but it's evolving..

The picture above is my bowl in the kitchen where I have compiled all my brewing herbs: Pau d'Arco, Chuchuhuasi, Una de Gato ( Nettles and Horetail would be great also & I have others in my kitchen which I can include for certain properties, but these ones I use all the time)

in another small container I have pre-mixed powers: Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Macuna. I love other ones like Fo Ti, but leave it out because the taste is bitter, I take it seperately. This drink has to taste great! ok, here goes..

Super Mocha Drink
This will make 1 large cup. Double or triple or quadruple etc. for however many cups you want.

Blend together:

1 T Coffee beans
1 small handfull of brewing herbs: Chuchuhuasi, Pau d'Arco, Una de Gato, Nettles, Horsetail etc
opt- small handful of Goji berries
1 1/2 c just below boiling- Hot Water

After blending, I usually let sit for 5-10 minutes (sometimes longer) while I take my shower or listen to spanish podcasts. Then give a short blend again.. remove and strain through a small sieve into a bowl. Rinse blender and pour herbal coffee back into blender, restraining again through sieve.

to contents Add:

2T raw Cacao mass or 2 T Cacao powder
1-2 T Honey or Agave
1 t powdered herb mix, sometimes I add others: Astragalus, Ashwaganda, Macuna, Ginko..
1 T powdered Reishi, or Maitake, Cordycepts, Chaga - I mostly use Reishi & open caps of Host Defense (blend of 17 medicinal mushrooms)
1 T Maca
2 T Hemp seeds
1 T Sesame seeds
1 T Chia seeds

Thats it! Pour it into a big mug. It will be a bit foamy on top & it tastes delicious!

I keep finding ways to make this easier and quicker.. but I like the process I take right now. There's something about it that I dont want to simplify it too much. There's something in the process of making it , of taking the extra few minutes to add all the things, of the brewing and straining.. that feels like consecrating, infusing and adding to the power of it.
Of course, I love being in the kitchen, and this is 'me' time (& that does not mean there has to be any 'not me' time ; ) But it's time I enjoy.. making something I enjoy & I most enjoy when I can share it also!!
I am loving this.. I have made it a few times without the coffee tho.. or with very little - I feel coffee is very powerful, like cayenne.. it feels like everything is zooms everything into my cells and through my body.. good, but a little intense.. of course, this is the combo - very powerful!

xo! Bliss, Peace & Love!


Anonymous said...

James is lucky! :)

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Yup! : ) & Me too!