Monday, August 17, 2009

David Wolfe talk in Haliburton

Mi-San and I were just arriving here at Living Libations in Haliburton as David was starting to speak. It was a hot sunny day & we just drove 3 hours, top down in a cute little convertible (my b/f's) and when we got there the only spot to see David was sitting in the sun. & wow, I didn't realize until later just how much sun I got.. I have realized this summer just how decieving convertibles can be with the nice breeze taking attention away from the sun.
So, I took it for a long time.. but as an afterthought, I wished I had taken a few notes.. he talked about some really interesting things. ..some different things and things I want to explore further, like:

Rudolph Steiner. ok, thats it. This guy has been coming to me from everywhere for the past year, flying at me through ayahuasca and places and people I know and love, all over the place.. he was an occultist who divined information (much of which they are just starting to prove through studies) - there are over 330 volumes which contain his works, most of which is unrepeated! He was responsible for the establishing of waldorf schools and he is responsible for biodynamic farming!! I think I have a lot to read!!

He talked about how walking barefoot can increase your lifespan.. or rather how rubber soled shoes reduce your life by either 30% or 30 years..(close) .. about studies done and how rubber is an insulator so you are not getting the Earth's frequencies, the vibrations which keep us healthy and intune.

I was reminded and confirmed that I should be wearing my Zapper - I have a Hulda Clarke Zapper, a device which kills parasites, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi electrically. & I have just dug mine out and starting wearing it about a month ago. But not as often as I probably should.. hey, I have it, I should use it .. but I go through phases with my gadgets and devices.
He talked a lot about Pppp (he wouldn't say it : ) shhh parasites) and different types of bacteria and fungus and calcification found in the body.
Calcification was interesting also.. how Calcium deposits can build up in joints.. and usually falls further away from the body.. to the feet and hands. He said you can feel your ankle joints to tell approximately how much time you've got left.

Root vegetables are good for the brain. Leafy greens are good for the lungs, respiratory - maybe more but my brain picked up the lung part because thats been my challenge lately
..and how seeds are good for something lower, reproductive - I remember hearing him before saying Nuts make you nuts, seeds give you seeds. ; )

& he talked about emotions also, how this is what directly affects our health.. different emotions affect different areas of the body. Thus my lungs, a friend told me a few weeks ago thats where we carry grief and sadness.. well, I guess it makes sense that I would have a challenge here, 20 year marriage ending, 3 kids mostly leaving home.. etc... it's been an emotional life for the past year!! But on a positive note - I have been feeling like I am moving past all that, moving forward and upward!! : )

Reflexology - something I have been interested in since I was a kid! & he talked about the K1 spot also called Bubbling Spring, located on the sole at base of big toe. I am going to have to look this up more.. I think it's directly related to the kidneys, water filtration , that would make sense!!
He talked a lot about Spring water and different types of natural water, ways it comes out of the earth.. going back to geology class (which I loved and got a 91 in! : ) & how there is no way to turn tap water back into spring water or to its natural form, no filtration process can do it.
He also talked about vortex spinning water..
oh & someone asked about urine therapy.. that was interesting! For the most part he said it wouldnt work, too much sediment or something in it. but the very interesting part was about William Hitt and taking urine, spinning it-vortexizing, letting sediment fall out and using a syringe and putting a small amount by needle into fatty tissue (behind) and incredible results from the therapy used at the William Hitt Center.
Took me awhile to find this but this is it: Antigen Receptor Vaccination

Wow I am remembering a lot - but he talked about a lot of things!!

Double helix spiral, and our DNA - Viktor Schauberger and Vortex technology and theories based on movements in nature. We beathe in a vortex, our breath spirals in and out.
and how you can take 1 square foot of dirt and unwind the dna strands in it, wrap it around the Earth and it will go all te way around.. I forget how many times. but many times..

and finally, last thing coming to me - the Aquaovo water filter.

Picture of Tamara, energy worker-healer, me and David

Pic from our beautiful drive


malilies said...

Thanks for posting this! I have already started doing research on Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf Schools, and Zappers. Youve got me hooked! lol

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

: ) Yay!! Great stuff malilies! Nice to hear from you!! xo