Thursday, July 30, 2009

NYC - Farmers Market

It was Saturday morning, lower Manhattan and we came across this market. I remember reading in how there ws agreat market down the street from Pure (17th st & Irving) on Saturday mornings. I just went and looked it up, there are a lot of farmers markets going on in Manhattan! here is a map of them! I think this is the Union Square Greenmarket that we were at. & I was just reading an article of America's top 25 farmers markets - and this one ranked #3!

"Shop like a NYC chef at Greenmarket in NYC, after all, it's where Manhattan's top chefs go to get their meat and produce. While the market is spread out at different locations due to Union Square construction, it's still the same great market that lures the likes of top city chefs. Greenmarket promotes regional agriculture and ensures a continuing supply of fresh, local produce for New Yorkers. Greenmarket has organized and managed open-air farmers markets in NYC since 1976. Greenmarket supports farmers and preserves farmland for the future by providing... " nice to read! and awesome to walk through.. I kind of wished I was hungrier! ; )

I did however buy a clove of garlic - and ate a clove straight in my hotel room that night. Garlic is the best medicine ever. & this the best garlic possibly in the Universe?? Wow, thats really powerful medicine!

I went to the Dufferin Grove market here in Toronto this afternoon. Now that I am not working I am missing the community - that was one of the wondeful things about working at Rawlicious..being aound all those high vibe people all the time. Working from home is nice.. but I miss the energy and the contact. It was so nice today, my friend Duane had his tree set up "The Best Tent Ever" its a 1-2 person tent that hangs from a tree, a couple feet up from the ground. It was my 1st time in it.. and I sat there cross legged & Grace, Chocolate Phil's daughter, came and spun me around. So great! (& then I spun her ; ) The market was so nice! Many of my favorite people were there.. perfect timing! soo wonderful there was a parade of funky wild dressed musicians wnding through - very fun! ..just a beautiful vibing sunny afternoon.
Markets are the best! ~blowing sunshiny, nature drenched, wild and windy kisses at you! xo ~


Paul said...

Keiko Man-hat-ti
You were at the famous market in Union Square, the People's part of town, MY place, where Dave and I always stay and hang, where Jack Kerouac dreamed of the Road and Marilyn Monroe went to acting lessons and Andy Warhol had his Studio and where people gathered and moonwalked, weeping, on the night that Michael died.
You walked in history and even ate some.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks for letting me know.. cool. & yes, we can go hang out there together sometime. I know lots of great restaurants! : ) Hugs!! xo