Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NYC - Pure Food and Wine Pt1: One Lucky Duck Juice and Takeaway

Here we are! We have just walked from 79th st and Amsterdam (west side) through Central Park and down to 17th st to the One Lucky Duck Juice and Takeaway. Long walk!!
We end up walking all around town and all the way back also and by the end of Day 1 I have blisters and cuts on my feet from the sandals which obviously were not meant for that kind of walking - although I thought they were.. and from 2 more pair of sandals/shoes I bought on the way which were slightly better, but with each leaving NYC battlemarks of one kind or another on my poor feet. But I didn't let that stop me however.. who can go to NY & not walk around and discover the city. It had been so long, many years since I have been here - and I was really enthused to see lots of the city.

I have lots of pictures..but mostly I am going to be posting all the amazing raw foods and experiences we had on our journey. More about the trip down here later.. but 1st and most importantly the place I was soo interested to come to: One Lucky Duck. We had decided that that was going to be our 1st stop in the city (we actually came across a couple other places, but by surprise on the way down here) but this was our 1st planned stop.

This is a peek into the kitchen, taken through the window on the street - it's right next door to the Takeaway. I was excited to see it - I love kitchens!! I found out later that this is mostly used as the wholesale and pastry kitchen. (better pic coming up later)

This is Dave. He's great - In fact, everyone at Pure Food & One Lucky Duck is great.. they are all like a big happy family there. It seems like it must be an incredible place to work, lucky ducks!! : )

Some pictures around the small takeaway store. There are 3-4 tables, it is very cozy and even though small it's very comfortable, they have great cushions, flowers, ambiance. It is a beautiful place to hang out at - If I lived in NY I would be frequenting this place often!!
& they have great superfoods.. and lots for all your raw food needs!

Note the chalk board in there - it lists the Green Market Add-ons - specials from Hawthorn Valley and Windfall Farms.. and their soup of the day. They have an amazing Market just down the street. We actually got to experience the market on Saturday and I will post pics from it later. It was great!!..and very extensive!

Lots of amazing desserts! We ordered Chocolate Ganache Tarts. They were so delicious!!

Bowls of beautiful packaged cookies and cinnamon buns and more to take away.

We ordered a Falafel with Tabhouli (with lemon tahini sauce & red pepper hot sauce) Mmm.. and 2 drinks - a Hot Pink: Beet, Pineapple, Pear, Ginger & a Thai Green: Greens, Pineapple, Cilantro, Lime. They were sooo good!


Lauren said...

Mmmm, I looove the falafel at One Lucky Duck!! YUM! That place rocks! Thanks for sharing, can't wait for more raw goodness!

debbiedoesraw said...

Oh man!!!! I want one of those cute shirts hanging on the wall.. and one of everything, to go!
more more more!!!!!!!!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

hi Lauren, yes it was delicious! as I discovered is everything!!: )
Great place.

hi Deb! Nice to hear from you!! I just noticed they have cute tank tops at their online store also. Lots of great things.
btw, I just watched a video of Sam preparing a recipe last night.. she's so cute!! Love & hugs! R