Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We were walking down Madison Ave, it ends at 23rd & I was expecting to see Bonobo's and there it was right at the end of the street, and although barely visible from the scaffolding around it I saw it right away. It's very fun to look for and find places which you have previously researched out and found on the internet.

So we found our way through the scaffolding and in. This was day 1 and actually the 1st raw place we found.. our destination was Pure, but we stopped in here for a drink and a quick check around.

We just got coconut water and Coconut Chai, which a few people on reviews raved about and I was curious to try. It was every bit as good as claimed, which is no small feat - I've discovered that I tend to have pretty high expectations. They also have prepackaged foods - nori rolls and salads.

The menu board is much longer and includes nori rolls, soups, salads with scoops of different pate's, sauces and sandwiches. The prices are very reasonable!

The food is presented in a cafeteria style lay out.. lots and lots of different salad ingredients and toppings..

You can make your own salads..

or order and have specially made burgers, sandwiches etc.. One of the really great things about here is that they let you taste anything you want to before you order it. That's pretty amazing and they offer right away, I think they are known for this.

They offered us soup to sample, I tasted a couple different kinds and they were all amazing. Really good soup! I can see why they encourage you to sample.

However, maybe because of the cafeteria setting and lay out, it wasn't really what we were looking for and we didnt go back to eat. If I lived or worked in the area, I could see frequenting this place. It would be a great lunch spot. Very bright, good food. Easy, raw, not expensive.
& they are open 7 days a week, they cater and deliver.. maybe thats why they have been here for so many years. I think Bonobos is now one of the longest running raw restaurants in NYC.


Sharon said...

I missed this place when I went this winter...I will definetly hit it up next time!

Anonymous said...

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Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Sharon, Nice to meet you.. a fellow Torontonian! : ) Yes, looks like they have amazing salads. & try the coconut chai! Cheers! Thanks for commenting.

Interesting Anon,and now I know more about Bonobo's! Maybe bonobo's, like humans, are changing with the times. Thank you for that info! : )