Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trip to NB - Randy and Carole's Wedding

I have only 1 sibling, and this is him: Randy, getting married to Carole, who was a good friend of mine in high school, and afterwards at art school, NSCAD.

I went to NB recently for their wedding. It was so beautiful !!
That couple are going to have a lot of fun together! Both high intelligence, high fun, very crazy!

They created their own ceremony - they got handfasted.
"Handfasting" was the word used by the ancient Celts to describe their traditional trial-marriage ceremony, during which couples were literally bound together. The handfasting was a temporary agreement, that expired after a year and a day. However, it could be made permanent after at that time, if both spouses agreed.

In the tradition, couples who wished to get married were tied together by the wrists from May 1 for 6 weeks. If they could live that close together and still wished to get married they were on the summer solstice.

A ring was drawn in the sand and sticks of sage were burning around it (at the 4 cardinal points I think) All of the wedding party stood inside with them.. there were around 50 of us I think.

At one of the most beautiful moments (I thought) My Mom & Carole's Mom each poured sand from 2 containers into a bigger glass vase, the sands of each were 2 different colors, grey and brownish.. and the Justice of the Peace said something like May their love last for longer than it would take to separate the grains of sand. Wow, beautiful!

This is Emily, my niece, in the red jacket.. I loved this pic of her with her friend Olivia:

It was a very magical day!

& beautiful location. Our cottage was this close to the beach, just a few feet away.

It was cloudy during the wedding but right during the ending of the ceremony the clouds broke open and sun streamed down. I heard that a 5 minute drive up the road and in the surrounding areas there was so sun in sight all day, just cloud, rain and drizzle..but it was actually really quite nice well into the evening where we were.
Until night, and we were so close to the shore that you could hear waves crashing all night long, I couldn't imagine them being louder even if you were sleeping on a boat.

& it rained all day Sunday.. we still drove through Nova Scotia and took the ferry to PEI. And it was still fun even if it was a rainy PEI trip.

..and we had a beautiful sunset driving over the bridge back to New Brunswick. : )


Mum said...

I read this and melted into the beautifully exquisite memory journey ... Thanks for creating such joy ... I Love You

BellBookCandleSupply said...

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