Thursday, July 09, 2009

Coming Soon: new Raw Restaurant in Yorkville

Oh, I just noticed it's been a few days. Sorry about that! ..I should never get too busy for my blog. Cause I really love writing here & keeping in touch with the raw community and friends ..and myself. : )
But I have some big news. I am working on a new raw restaurant which will be opening in the city - in Yorkville!
Yup! That's right. It's still in the planning, recipe testing-creating stages..but it's going to be great. & Hopefully we will be opening in September. That's a little dependent on the city strike and permits etc. ..but we are working away to create some amazing raw dishes. Fun!

We will be licensed - so that's going to be fun, coming up with cocktails!
~ Hmm .. a handful of blueberries, lime, agave, tequila & coconut water ice! I'm game for that once in awhile, not all the time, but once in awhile.. Wouldnt it be nice if you're going to drink alcohol to have fresh fruit juice with it. Yes. ; ) ..and Tom, visionary and researcher extraordinaire, is discovering lots about wines.. and esp. vegan wines. Yes, we are going to be totally vegan! It seems that most wines are cleared through a meat based straining process - I will have to find out more about this.. but good news is that there are vegan wines.
& organic.. and biodynamic ... but more on that later.

Also, this restaurant-project is going to be Not for Profit. seriously! I am particularly excited about this part.. and that there are so many people out there who really do want to make a difference. I can truly see that saving this planet and ourselves is possible. So many people are raising their vibrations and doing such amazing things. The world is getting lighter and lighter all the time.

And speaking of these great people I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who is raising consciousness about eating light-filled living foods and the difference it can make to people. There are so many people who are not aware of what a difference it can make.

& Finally the hugest thanks of all to everyone who is making this food accessible to others - those working in the kitchens and those running the businesses which support this lifestyle.

Angus & Tracy, I appreciate with my whole heart everything you have put into Rawlicious and making it the most amazing place there is.
Jennifer from Live and Deepika from Terra Tree and Micheal and Mathieu for making raw chocolate for us.. and Fred with his amazing raw truffles (which I am missing!) and everyone else - you too!
I have a friend who is opening a place I am so excited about in Port Credit. I cant wait to get the go-ahead to share her website!! : )
& I have heard rumors of others coming soon.

Toronto just may become the get-to place for Rawfooders everywhere! Lets make it happen.
with bursting love from the deepest wells of my heart! xo

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