Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NYC - Pure Food and Wine Pt 1: The Kitchen Tour

Soo exciting to come to Pure Food and Wine for the 1st time! The one thing thats more exciting than that.. is getting to have a tour of the kitchen!!
This is the dining room empty.. it was just starting to fill up when we arrived. 5:45 Friday.. we had reservations for dinner a few hours later at 7:30.
I love the color, it's my favorite- a cherry red, almost pink - How could I not love this place!!??

Tara, the sous chef gave us a tour.. she was great. Showed me how they fire orders and the stations - it was great to see them at work. & a perfect time, it wasn't too busy yet. I really didn't want to inconvenience anyone, it was so nice of them to show me around!

Everyone here is amazing! This is Joey the bartender.. he was showing us around the kitchen also.
A peek into the dessert freezer - Mmm!! Their desserts are phenomenal - I think Jana is a genius! : )

Laura in the One Lucky Duck juice and takeaway, looking in from the kitchen.

The private room seats about 20.

It was quite dark, but this is also a view of the private room.

I had a peek into the large online and pastry kitchen. They are making incredible creations in here. Lots of dehydrators!

The dishwashing room..

Here is Laura and Tara..

In the kitchen they prep in the morning and daytime and then before dinner they clear it into prep stations to plate food.

Sometimes there are many of them in the kitchen - but they seem very organized! All of the food is prepared fresh each day. I hear left-overs are eaten by the staff after the restaurant has closed - that would be a definite perk to working here! Along with the fun.. they all seem like a big family, most have worked here for a long time.

A few dishes being plated: Nori Rolls..

Plate of Assorted Cultured Dr. Cow Tree Cheeses and Rosemary Crisps

A bowl of soup. Oh we covered almost the whole menu, but we didn't have the soup. Guess I'll have to come back. ; )

After having a great tour of the place we went back over to the juice bar and got Coconut water and I had a huge green juice. I asked Laura if I could have Garlic instead of the Ginger & Lemon.. and she asked if I would like some Jalapeno too.. It was like she knew me!!! Amazing. Yes, please.. and then she asked if it was ok to put in some pear to balance it out.. It was incredible!
& Huge!

Laura is a most creative Juice Goddess, a Juice Intuitive and Angel extraordinaire!!
Thank you - You are wonderful!


Lauren said...

Awesome that you got a tour! :) Last time I was at Pure (a few weeks back), we had to sit in the private room because it started pouring and the place was packed (people in the garden had to move inside). It was so lovely though because the doors were open and it just rained. :) Loving your posts on your trip!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Lauren. Yes, it's a nice little room. I could see the ambiance in there with open doors, candles being really nice.
The patio was closed this Friday evening, our 1st dinner there and so was very busy.. they expected rain also. We had to wait a bit in front for our table.. but not too long and it was really nice anyway, sitting out in the front area with all those cushions, it's very comfortable everywhere at Pure! & we were very well taken care of, the staff is amazing!

You are so lucky to be able to go there anytime!! great place!
Nice to hear from you. Hugs