Saturday, July 25, 2009

Raw Biscotti and Spanish Films

I made some biscotti yesterday (yes, raw of course!!) & so delicious - with hazelnuts and cranberries and dark chocolate pieces chopped up in it. Mi mejor amiga says that I should dip them in chocolate also.. but there are only 2 left. I maybe addicted to them.. sitting here eating them & drinking tea and watching mi pelis en Espanole (my Spanish films).

James rented 3 for me when I was in NY & I watched them all, brought them back & just rented 3 more. I am loving these!! Que diversion! me gusta mucha la pelis de Pedro Almodovar!

Mire Volver tres veces!! 3 X y mire Penelope cruz en la peli 'Sin Noticias de Dios' anoche y que era muy interesante!! It tells all about the inner workings of heaven & hell. Important things to know
Importante cosas a saber. whoa.. not sure if thats right, but I may be picking this up!

Oh, & the one I just finished was Caotic Ana - about an artist and her past lives. I loved it!!

I am discovering I love Spanish films!
& I am loving having the freedom to discover things that I love. & to be happy. & of course we always have this freedom.. but I have also discovered that we can lose sight of our freedom. We are meant to be happy.

I had a long talk today with a friend of mine about happiness and how it is a basic right of ours, our birthright..but often we lose sight of these freedom and rights we are born with .. and often we get clogged up, polluted, dulled by the foods aroud us, the drugs, pharmeceuticals, the media.. I am not sure if its the greed of people making money or if its a conspiracy, I just know we live it.
But there are things we can do.. 1st is opening spiritually, meditating and reading enlightening books, 2. opening physically, yoga, exercising, stretching.. 3. opening, detoxing physically.. and ultimately to fill our selves with 'Light' foods..
and then things start becoming clear.. more and more..
we see things.. and we also get more sensitive..
but I told her this awareness is not something I can give her, or anyone.. it's experiential.

There is a magic to Raw foods.. we can talk about it & talk about it ..but ultimately, it is something that everyone needs to discover for themselves! xo
Happy Discovering!
Big Hugs with gentle windy skys, billowing clouds and huge rainbows of flowers!
Enjoy Life!


Paul said...

Almodovar will frink with yr mind, okay, especially Matador, where Antonio Banderas GETS GORED AND GAYED.
My favourite is Talk To Her. It is sublime. Also ridiculous. His specialties.

Anonymous said...

Yes to life!
with love,

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Paul, whoa.. I heard Almodovar was great. & rented Volver, I think one of his latest & Really enjoyed it... but watched Kika last night, an earlier and I heard more typical of his, and it was ummm, yeah, pretty strange. Ah. life. I'm a litle afraid to rent Matador now. hmmm, I will tread carefully through the Almodovar section now..yikes, I'm a more sensitive creature now. lol

Yes, Jan, Yes!!!
: ) Big Hugs!
& Thanks
appreciate you

both of you! xo

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