Saturday, July 04, 2009

Making lists, Being my own boss, Green Smoothies and Orchids

Wow. Time has been going by quickly lately. & I'm enjoying working from home.
I'm being very organized about it.. writing my list of things to do each evening.. and completing them each day. I'm a bit of a tough boss, I've discovered and have been getting a lot done.. but going morning till night.. so I have decided to cut myself some slack & make the lists a bit easier for a couple days. : ) I had things like walking barefoot on the beach, going to the bookstore (research) and the gym on todays list. But really I am getting lots of other things done also.
I downloaded Photoshop Elements today and discovered how to do a few things on it. I worked on the main Photoshop in artschool a few years ago, hopefully this is not too different and comes back.. I will be experimenting tomorrow. & more raw recipe stuff, of course!
& everyday has Meditation time on it! (but more on that later)

oh, check this out: on my walkI stopped and sat in a pile of weeds growing rampant just off the beaten path. & I saw plantain, and dandelion, and lamb's quarters and red clover..
and I couldnt resist - I picked a bunch and put them all in my purse..
& then when I got home I dumped out my purse on the kitchen counter.. just weeds, wallet and camera in there (oh & socks I bought for the gym ; ) and a spider comes running out of my purse.

ok,, sometimes I think I am one of the weirdest (altho fun) people I know!!
I took a picture of them.. and now they are all squeaky shiny cean waiting to go into a big green smoothie for breakfast - with mangoes, pineapple and banana!

I cant even tell you the ecstaticness of green smoothies and how alive they make you feel - They really are quite experiential! Mmmm... oh yes, and they encourage you to stop and admire the orchids.. and see the beauty everywhere!

~Sometimes I feel like a butterfly but right now I feel like I am in a coccoon.. and about to spring forth one of these days into an even more bright and brilliant butterfly ..more free, more light.. more beautiful! ~


Anonymous said...

your enlightening blog is "refreshing" thans for sharing Robin

debbiedoesraw said...

we all should be so lucky to have spiders run out of our purses!
much love and light on your new path!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hugs, Thanks Debbie, Thanks Anon!
Peace & big beautiful Love spiders!!
: ) ................. x