Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Business Trip in NYC in 2 days!!

Yes, it's true.. I am going on a business trip to NYC for 4 days, this Thurs-Sunday. And the mission of this trip? To eat raw foods at all the best places! How awesome is that!! Very.

I have to say the place i am most excited about is Pure Food and Wine. I have both of Sarma's books and read them both like a novel. I love everything i have made from their books and am soo excited to go and try all their food! We have reservations for 2 nights and plan on a couple meals in the day probably at their One Lucky Duck juice bar and store. exciting! ..and also very exciting is that we are going to be able to check out their kitchen and see how all this incredible food is made. & I will be posting lots of pictures of the food, the kitchen, and everything!!

Next up is Quintessence. We are planning on going here for dinner on Thurs eve. But there are so many options, I have been reading the menu and there is so much that looks great! Maybe we can get an extra time in here.. but we have been busy scouting out everything raw in NYC and there's a lot to get into these 4 days!

Raw Soul is another place I am really excited to try!

I read about this place and about Lillian Butler and Eddie Robinson years ago, they went raw and were starting their business around the time I went raw ..and of course, I was on the internet looking up everything raw!!! & now I am really excited to go check their place out and eat at Raw Soul. I will take pics and post everything!!

I havent decided if I am taking my laptop or not. I may not as I have limited time and need internet connection, etc. So, if not, next Monday - expect lots of pictures and me taking you with me on my adventure!!
Next on my list is Caravan of Dreams which is organic but not completely raw. However they have the cooked and the Live dishes separated on their menu and they have a long list of each. They hold lots of various classes, have live music and it looks like a very interesting place.

Bonobo's is, of course, also on our list. I have been hearing about Bonobo's for years. & now I get to check it out - Yay! Although it sounds liek this place is a lot more casual- like ahuge salad bar, and when you order you can taste things first. I read a lot of reviews, sounds liek a system thats a bit hard to get used to but many who do quickly become regulars. Lots if young coconut things - like soup served in a coconut - Cool! & I read 3 reviews abotu how amazing their coconut chai drink is.. have to try that!

ok theres a few more in the city, High Vibe - the health and lifestyle store, Raw health Cafe, Free Foods NYC - which is only delivery.

On Sunday we have the day planned for Brooklyn, which has 2 raw restaurants which I am really excited to check out!! Rawstar opened a year ago and looks great.
& then theres Rockin Raw!

Saving one of the most exciting ones for last : )
It's "live-vegan-raw-organic-peruvian-new-orleanian-creole-cuisine-with-soul-from-williamsburg-brooklyn-to-you"

Peruvian-New Orleanian Creole!! How exciting is that!! Sounds like Very!
Be back soon with lots of pictures of what is bound to be a wonderful raw culinary adventure!!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Quintessence during a recent foray to NYC. Haven't tried the rest!

Lauren said...

Sadly, I have only been to Pure and One Lucky Duck, and I am only 20 min from the city!!! Bonobos and Quintessence have been on my list of place to go for a long time..but I always end up going back to Pure because it's so damn good! :) Enjoy every bite and have a safe trip!

Lauren said...

Opps, I have been to Caravan as well, LOOOVE the raw nachos!! And I have heard wonderful things about that chai at Bonobos!!

debbiedoesraw said...

oh I am green with envy here in cali!
love to do the NYC raw tour someday.. I can live through your trip for now!
have fun!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Gloria! Quintessence was great.. if you go there often you have to try out the rest, there is a lot going on there for Raw! Nice to hear from you.. and if you ever get to Brooklyn & it is worth the trip - I highly advise going to Rockin Raw. Amazing place and they have a phenomenally talented raw chef from Buenos Aires, Diego. Food is flavorful, very exciting and different.

Hi Lauren, Pure is amazing!! We ate there a lot, covered almost everything on the menu! Its definitely a safe bet! But there is a lot of great food there, you lucky girl!! : ) Hugs!

Hey Deb, Great to hear from you.. yes, I am going to cover everything - I took so many pictures, of course. It was so great to be able to experience all the wonderful food. Would be amazing to do California one day!! : ) xo, Much love, R