Monday, October 02, 2006

YummiYa and the Land of many jewels

Yikes! I have not been here for 2 days.. it’s been a busy, although very fun, weekend. & I just realized that today is one of my very special fiends birthday.. so I will need a bit of extra time for that.. and I am making something very special for the kids right now.. and it’s later than when I usually get here.. & I have so many things that I want to look up here but no time for websurfing this morning..

I loved Ron’s phrase.. that we should be a sturdy tree and at the same time a quivering leaf. –emotional moment. That’s my main thought for the day..

Ron & Nadine who make the best chocolate bars in the world, , gave me a YummiYa bar, their newest flavor, for feeding them raw sandwiches Sat eve. : )

Nadine – ‘botanical muse shaping effable plant-light into palpable consecrations to blush senses and muse imaginations’... from their website.

I also bought an essential oil blend, the land of many jewels, which called to me from across the room.
& we drank to the drink Gods, lol – I set down the essential oils, my cup & a loonie.. was in search of the owner – and we all started dancing in a circle around it.. and it was very, very fun. oh, and scarf dancing with Dorit. So many great moments.. and sharing the durian with Miloch in the corner of the kitchen.. all the great moments are ‘in the moment’ moments.. and I need to run & make juice for my kids.. and call my special friend!

Have a wonderful day!

Have the most wonderful birthday ever Paul.. Much Love!!! : )

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